Now, you CBP fans, please shut up…

OMG, You Didn’t !

I was amazed to be reminded that he was worse than I thought.

I predict that Petrino will end up coaching in the SEC.

And I also predict he’ll never win a conference championship.

He focuses too much of his recruiting/attention/practice on the offensive side.

The snide remarks of the announcing crew last week alluding to Petrino shows that his reputation is well earned.

Just curious, why would he want to coach in the SEC?

He kind of has it made there and while the ACC is getting better they are still not the gauntlet of the SEC

BP is the best football coach we have had in several decades. He is a winner everywhere he coaches and yet some people make stupid attacks over a minor accident and a little sex.

No doubt he is a great football coach.

Wow that says a lot. That was not an accident nor was it just a little sex.

Yea! Who needs morals anyway? Definitely not college students! (sarcasm included)

I am not trying to start the old BP debate, he is gone, not coming back, period. But what do you mean by “that was not an accident”?

BP was supposedly run off the road by the young woman’s husband. Which is part of the reason that he was essentially gone the next day and off to another job.

Of course I have heard that rumor, but NO ONE who is in insider will say or frankly (that I have seen) even hint that is what happened. Even you say “supposedly.” What is the truth???

Petrino was, is, and always will be a thug. Hope he loses every time out.

The most amazing thing about all of this is that NO ONE cares. He gets job after job after job. He WILL coach in the SEC, he WILL be subject to criticism for the rest of his coaching career, and he WILL continue to make millions as a coach. NO ONE CARES. I mean there’s people like you and I that think he’s a dirtbag, but do you know how many dirtbags there are in Fayetteville alone, RIGHT NOW! Do you know how many dirtbags there are coaching and making millions, RIGHT NOW! How many times have your heard, winning cures a lot of problems. Well we have a moral coach, that isn’t winning and that’s what people complain about.

Your posts simply puts into perspective that the majority of fans care more about winning than they do about morals. That may be tough to rap your brain around, and you might be able to go to sleep at night feeling good about your program, but, sadly, the majority feel better about winning “at all costs”. Unless they are losing, in which case it is justified because they are “moral”.

I’d venture to say that more than 80% of all americans try to cheat in one way or another. They leave work early, they skimp on their taxes, they talk to a lady friend when they shouldn’t, they try to scam Wall-Mart or Lowe’s or any other big business when they can, thinking “They’ve got plenty of money”, or they lie on insurance applications, etc. IT IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Heck even speeding down the interstate is at the expense of everyone that is following the speed limit. If everyone drove crazy then no one could speed. It would be chaos. But people see it as small and harmless and so they are still “moral” or “good” people.

They think, “how can i get mine” or “I’m entitled to x” and so on. BP just does it in your face and laughs at you and it ticks you off so you say, “well he’s immoral” like you aren’t. IT’s all relative, but the world is full of 80% cheaters and entitled SOBs. That is reality. Program after program justifies losing to feel better about themselves. They don’t have to justify winning, because people DON’T CARE. They are winners. I represent a lot of people that break the law, and more than 80% justify it. What does that tell you?

He and is new hire were going to a cabin he had south on 16. BF tailed her on this day all the way. Showed up, whipped his tail. There was no motorcycle incident, no neck injury, and no running off the road. Just a beat down. What else do you need to know?


I “broke” this on a fan message board because a friend stopped to offer assistance “at the scene.” I won’t go into details as it will be censored like my inside information on a fractured locker room (or at least position room) last year.

It is not about an accident or sex. It is about lying to your boss. That is what gets you fired.

What else? Why if you “know” that (you say it like there is no question as to the truth of the statement, and I am not saying it isn’t true, I just have my doubts) has that never been reported, here or any other news source? The press dug up the fact that the trooper said there was a girl on the bike. The press doesn’t dig or covers up a much bigger story? This story would make a reporters career. (Probably not now, but when it happened? You bet.) Doesn’t make sense to me. Also wasn’t there some couple that came along after the accident and were witnesses (not to the accident, but to other surrounding facts?)

I am not a big believer is conspiracy theories. My experience in life is that no one can keep a very big lie very long. This would have been too big of a story to not make the news. All the reporters are on the take?

Gay that’s a very condensed version of what happened that leaves out some very inconvenient details. He also lied to his boss and put the university at great risk of a costly lawsuit by not disclosing his relationship with a woman who went to the head of the line for a plum job with the Razorback Foundation. He also behaved so boorishly at the Cotton Bowl that Arkansas would never be invited back as long as he was our HC. He was a brilliant offensive mind and a winning coach. He was also an embarrassment to the school and state. For all the damage he did to our image, he never even won an SEC West title. He belongs where he is. In the cesspool that is The University of Lullville.


I don’t disagree with hardly anything you said.

Clearly something bad went down at the Cotton Bowl (that is one of the many facts that have (kind of) come out after the firing that has made me realize I was wrong in not wanting him fired, I was wrong and I now know it). But to this day all I have ever heard is vague reference on message boards, and very little of that from any of the official “reporters.” He got fired in April. The Cotton Bowl was 3 months before that. Yet NOTHING was even hinted at (that I saw) until WAY after he was fired. We the fans were arguing back and forth from April 1 to April 10, this was not brought up (not that I saw at least). What I will always remember was a few hours before he was fired, Clay posted something to the effect of “no one wants anyone to get fired.”

Assuming all these things are true, I just don’t get the lack of reporting. I somewhat get it before the accident. He was winning, popular with fans, etc. Still, a reporter usually would report that kind of thing (I get not reporting the affair, but acting so badly that we weren’t going to ever get invited back to the Cotton Bowl? Hanging out in your hotel room instead of recruiting? Those aren’t “TMZ” stories, those are legitimate sports stories.) Then during the 10 day debate about what to do? I would for sure think all the stuff would come out. But, OK, the reporters didn’t know for sure if he was going to be fired, so they held back. I somewhat get that. But after the firing? Still no real reporter says anything about the Cotton Bowl, and to this day I don’t recall (I could have missed it) anything thing giving any real details. I think it was a few years after he was gone before I saw DD make reference to him not really recruiting but handing out in his hotel room.

I don’t get the silence.

I don’t want to put words into his mouth, but I think he means the affair wasn’t accidental, the lying wasn’t accidental, the sneaky way of bypassing UA hiring laws to put her near him wasn’t accidental. The motorcycle wreck itself was an accident, but that wasn’t what got him fired. It was merely the catalyst that made JL aware of the kind of man BP was. Had BP been alone on his motorcycle & had a wreck & not got caught in a web of lies, he would not have been fired. So I have to agree: it was not an accident nor just a little sex.