Petrino fired effective immediately

Nothing really needs to be said about BP! He has an open book to show a clear picture of who he is! I sure don’t feel sorry for him or worry about him or his family financially. If he manages his money Like his personal life he will have to go to work.
For the simple folks like most on this board we could all make it on what he has as a buyout.

I went to the women’s volleyball match this afternoon… was looking around to see if he was there :lol:

Now if only Auburn …

I’m a compassionate person to folks that have had a bad hand dealt to them in life and can’t seem to buy a break in life.
This is not a description of that situation and for a poster that is always looking for other posters to offer facts about why they disagree with your take about a coaches decision during a game or general philosophy about a coaches strategy during a game it appears that while you are worrying about this man being fired at age 55 with a family to provide for it seems to suggest that he won’t be able to do so with 14.1 million dollars.
Financially, he and his family should be more than fine for the remainder of their lives. The only thing anyone should feel compassion about for this man is wether or not he has gotten his personal life in order with his family and as for that I do hope he has been able to do that.
So as far as livelihood and 14.1 million, there’s your fact.

Go Hogs!

Not General here, but as far as far as having compassion & hope that BP gets his personal life in order is quite funny. On that note for me, I’m inclined to have compassion for his wife & family who have been humiliated by the actions of husband & father. Has zilch to do with the man as a coach or his career in the field.
I consider BP & his family very lucky that he was still able to acquire a lucrative coaching position after his past stunts (with his underhanded coaching & career moves & his highly publicized immoral actions at the UofA). Plus be rewarded financially.
Maybe this latest firing is a blessing for him and family & he can spend more time with them, if they can stand to be around him that long.

I think the Louisville situation was a lot like the Arkansas situation here last year. The coach lost the fan base and there pretty much is no regaining control once that happens. It was pretty shocking to see how bad Louisville was this year, though. The total offense is 112th nationally (Arkansas is 105th, by comparison) and scoring offense 118th. I never would have thought a Petrino offense would be that inept. Couple that with poor defensive coaching and the blowouts were inevitable.

I also thought it was interesting listening to the Louisville AD speak during the press conference yesterday. Vince Tyra does not have a background as an AD, so he spoke differently than the typical AD-speak you get in those scenarios. He even acknowledged Jeff Brohm is who the fans want.

Could some of this be due to several on his staff being close family members? I don’t know how long the family been working for him at Louisville & what positions they occupy. Are these family member coaches on his or the wifes side of the family, maybe a goodwill gester on his part to appease her, considering. Or it maybe that other qualified assistants don’t want to work for the man anymore.

I never had any dealings with Bobby Petrino (or his brother Paul) that weren’t on a professional level. I had no issues with either. They treated me fairly as far as interview requests and the interviews all were good. Of course, I always stuck to football. You wanted to talk Xs and Os with either one, you were going to get a good interview.

I wish him well. He’ll get another job in coaching, probably at the NFL level. I suspect he will take some time off.

Thirty percent of his full-time coaching staff was comprised of his son and two sons-in-law. All three of them were fired yesterday, too, as was Andy Wagner, his director of football operations who was with him at Arkansas. I think nepotism played a role in his firing, especially after the tightening of Louisville’s nepotism policies, but not as much as giving up 50-77 points and getting blown out every week.