Peter King has Ragnow to the Saints at 27

You could do a lot worse. Going to a good team with a Hall of Fame quarterback and a couple of pretty decent backs. Frank’s experience in the BB offense won’t hurt.

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That is the worst projection I have seen for Frank at this point.

I am guessing that Bielema has lobbied to the New England staff a lot for Ragnow. But, that doesn’t mean that’s where they are going with their first pick and that he’d still be there for their second. The Patriots pick at 23 and 31 in the first round, so that’s two chances to help themselves and go after Ragnow. The Vikings need guards and tackles. That would be interesting if they took Frank. He grew up watching them. I’ve talked to him and he just doesn’t say what he wants. I think agents tell them just to be open and enjoy the ride. He’s worked out privately for every team. There have been 15 teams come to Minnesota in the last three weeks to work him out. There is a dome at his local high school. That’s a good thing. They got 18 inches of snow last weekend.