Pete Thamel on realignment

Interesting overview, including Texas’ other options if they don’t join the SEC.

Setting aside my distaste for today’s version of college football, which is in reality semi-professional football, I like the idea of Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC. This super league is going to be something never seen in college football. The other leagues, like the ACC, Big 10 and Pac 12 are going to pale when compared to this powerful league.

Arkansas is probably going to be a whipping boy along with Mississippi , Mississippi State, South Carolina and Vanderbilt, but the schedule of teams is going to be incredible. We are going to have to get better…just to be decent. Scary.

Whipping Boy…exactly. Heck, let’s invite Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida State and Miami in. Sprinkle in Nebraska and USC for good measure.

Why would the SEC lower their competition level by bringing in Miami or Florida St.

Or Nebraska. Or Michigan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Seems that PAC12 would be making a hard push to get ut & OU (& perhaps Baylor, TT, TCU, or UH).

Texas, especially Austin, is overwhelmed with California transplants so there should be a good following of local fans from West Coast who would attend the games. Have not heard anything about the PAC making any effort to expand.

Would not surprise me to see Missouri make an effort to go to the Big10 (along with a couple of others from the Big12) after ut/ou join the SEC. MO courted the Big10 just prior to going SEC but were rejected. Many local MO fans still indicate a preference for Big10 & believe that would be a better fit.

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