Pete Rose

Former player and manager Pete Rose was the first person in the State of Ohio to legally place a bet on sports. For some, this would be just another reason to forever ban Rose from baseball and the Hall of Fame. Doesn’t he realize that this hurts his cause? Again some would say. But I remember back in the early 2000’s that members of the sports media, pundits, and insiders were quoting unnamed sources in the Commissioner’s Office that if Rose would come out and admit he bet on games as the Red’s Manager and apologize, he may be reinstated. Well, in Roses book , he did admit to betting and wrote he regretted it. What was the response? Thank’s Pete for finally admitting to what we all new. But your still banned. The Commissioner never ‘Officially ‘ made the offer. So the same media, pundits and officials then came out and declared that Rose was still scum and would never be inducted into the HOF. Rose knows he will never make it to the Hall. So he did this to give a middle finger to all his critics and those proclaiming to defend the integrity of the game. That in it’s self is a joke. You can cheat your way into the Hall, but gambling is unforgivable.

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IMO Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, period!


He bet on games that he managed. Seems like a no brainer to be banned from baseball.

But if the BBWA wanted to include him and put that on his plaque, I think it would be suitable.

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I drank 2 cases (beer) a day for years and caused harm all around in my life. Stopped in Dec. 1990 and my life changed for good!! So can Pete, IMO!!

But you be perfect…

Agree. That’s an unforgivable offense.


Congrats on the sobriety. I see everyday how difficult that is and the harm it causes

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We know for a fact that their are players in the HOF that doctored the baseball, used corked bats, popped bennies like they were candy and took performance enhancers before team wide testing. That’s kosher. The purity of the game is intact. But betting? No way. The purity of the game must be maintained. You know, it has been reported by reliable sources that the reason Michael Jordan left basketball for 3 years to play baseball was that he was betting on games. But what am I saying. That’s Michael. There are different rules for him and basketball. No one worried about the purity of that game do they?

My biggest gripe about this is not the ban. But dangling the redemption carrot in his face and then taking it back when he admitted to betting on games.Also the sermonizing and moral grandstanding by the pundits and sports media. Trying to preserve the purity of the game that has been tainted for decades. The infamous Chicago Black Sox scandal wouldn’t have happened if the owner of the team wasn’t so cheap paying his players that were forced to take on jobs as well as play ball in order to feed their families. Hard not to take the money when the owner just dismisses your complaints about being one of the worst paid teams inn baseball while getting to the World Series.

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