A year ago, week three we were celebrating Club Dub after a victory vs Colorado State. It was preceded by a rent-a-win and a loss to OM. This year we were ahead of BCS contender UGA halfway through the 3Q, and then beat the “flavor d’jour” in week two. What followed was the slow road to hell for fans, with the team tanking earlier and earlier each game.

We just endured the biggest screw job since 1982 SMU.

Fans are peeved. That means it matters. UA football is relevant again.

Getting the call is the right thing, of course, but it also leaves the “Cinderella Story” intact. UA challenges for top billing in the weekend’s summary of college football.

We didn’t get the call. Not surprised.

But UA football is back, relevant. Fighting Razorbacks, indeed. A wild band of Hogs.


Amen. Well said.

Great perspective oklahawg…

We got screwed. Period. I would pay fine if I were hy and let Pittman call it like it is. Sec refs suck

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