Perspective from Mizzou coach

Lot’s fanbases not having any fun these days. This from Odom after Auburn’s beatdown yesterday. … ign=LEEDCC

Well, I guess that is one way to deal with it.

And, BTW, look, I’m sure Bret is a pretty good guy, one on one. I think I’ve said that before.

But his crying during the post game press conference is not great optics. Is that what leadership is about? This is SEC football. I’m sure he’s under a lot of stress and all that. Can anyone recall another SEC coach crying after a loss?

Maybe crying exhibits leadership in this day and age. I don’t know. I just find it odd, and again, not altogether a great look for a big time football coach.

And then again it may just show he cares deeply for these players and the state of Arkansas. I believe there is not one of us that wants to win more than CBB. It’s unfortunate that the results show us going backward. But hope springs eternal. I’m rooting for him and the team to turn it around and surprise everyone. WPS

Is it wrong for a grown man to cry? I don’t think so. We’re taught from a young age that big boys don’t cry, but by whose standard is that? I think it breaks his heart that the team he sees as being so close just can’t kick down the door. IDK if another SEC coach has done that, but I don’t care. That’s Bret being Bret. I don’t think he could say anything or do anything that would please some people on this board. Even if he resigned, they’d say he quit on his team.

Coach B is a good guy. He was hired as a football coach. A leader of young men.
He is doing well off the field. On the field he has shown the ability to simply throw up leads and choke! Pretty simple. Passive defense don’t win very many football games. Consistent defense that fights for every inch will! There’s no reason to give up 50 points to A&M. That mirrorw he looks in each morning is where the answer is. Stop being scared to get beat. Make decisions to win. Don’t be passive be aggressive!
4 million is a pretty good pay check. Earn it!