Perspective and remember good times can be fleeting

  1. Last night was tough, but it was a great college baseball game — we lost 1-0 and it could have gone either way. We had our chances. When a team like Florida State has not beaten your team in 5 tries…it’s going to happen eventually, especially in a tight game. Baseball is all about averages and numbers, and it favored them last night.

  2. Remember what we all know — the CWS is truly THE accomplishment, so hard to get there, especially two years in a row. Don’t lose sight of the great season, wins at the CWS are the icing on the cake, not the cake.

  3. Don’t take the good times of big winning days for granted — it won’t last forever and it’s always fleeting. I remember Razorback Basketball and the 1995 National Title game and the loss to UCLA…just assumed Arkansas basketball would be back, always be going to the Final Four, thought Arkansas just re-loaded. Took it all for granted. 24 years now and they’ve not been close again.

  4. If the Hogs can win tomorrow, we are probably going to make it to another showdown next Saturday to get back to the Final. Go Hogs!!

Great take. I felt the same in 1995. I’m trying to enjoy DVH every season.

I’m a little better today than last night. We won’t face a team’s ace tomorrow nor, if we win, Wednesday. Noland and Wicklander are capable starters. We can win the next two games. If we do, Campbell is back Friday. We would still have to win Friday and the next game to get to the final. That’ll be tough, but I think we can at least force a 5th game. We are good enough to do it.

Very good post


100% Agree.
Let’s see how much fight left in this dog uh er Hog.


True to all of that…