Personally, I'm warming up to the idea of Drinkwitz

A good coach is a good coach. Will he come in with the “wow” factor of a big-time, well known coach? No.

But that means more to our fans than it does to the players, who will actually work with him day to day.

Watch this post-game presser after they played UNC…I love his relaxed confidence…“I knew we were going to win…I expected to win”

it’s not him he declined the offer to come to Arkansas

Not true at all

You’re responding to Hogwild’s post, I assume?? (suggestion…pls use the quote feature so we’ll know who you’re responding to).

Yes - Drinkwitz initiated contact with Arkansas. He’d love to have the job.

Everything is relative, all the fans get reved up for kiffin or leach, that goes away, start floating looney, everyone gets pissed, come back with a smaller name and hey suddenly he looks pretty good,

As with all things in this world, nothing is as bad as some people make it out to be.

Serious question: What does Drinkwitz bring that some of these bigger names don’t?

Think about Yurachek’s hires so far. Musselman brings NBA experience that translates into game prep and planning. Wieber is an Olympic gold medalist with the knowledge of what it takes to be a champion gymnist.

Yurachek found Musselman with people looking at Sampson and Beard as the big names. So it stands to reason, from evidence so far, that Yurachek understands the challenges of Arkansas and will hire someone who brings an edge that we need to be successful over other SEC programs.

My father is good friends with former Arkansas Tech HC and AD Steve Mullins and he told my father that Drinkwitz is very talented - graduated magma cum laude at Tech, very good and innovative offensive mind, and excellent leadership skills. Not surprised at all in his career arc and rise through the coaching ranks!

his resume said he was the oc at springdale high school, does that mean he worked under Gus?

I would prefer Drink over Lunney or Sam.

Yes worked under both Gus and Bryan Harsin. Also, OC under Dave Doren at NC State who’s offense took a step back this year after his departure to Appalachian State.

Hogwild1975 knows something pretty clearly. I can tell. He’s excited. So I’m excited. Don’t let me down good sir…

I really hope he’s right

Hogwild does not know his foot from a hole in the ground if he says Drinkwitz declined an opportunity to be the Razorback head coach.

That’s just false.

heard many times that he had the best interview, I can understand not wanting to get into a bidding war with OM over Kiffin, when you have someone that impresses you more with their apparent character. kiffin has some talent but he has to have some deep seated determination, grit, to handle this job.

Interviews are overrated. I’ve hired hundreds of sales managers in my career and have seen slick talkers fail at the same rate as those that don’t have all the answers. A good interviewer can get some useful info from sitting down with someone (don’t get me wrong). But hiring from a great interview alone is not good business.

Background checks finding out about what those around the person being interviewed think are important. And testing is a good indicator.

But even with all of that there is no sure fire way to know if the person you’re interviewing will be a home run hire. At least in my experience.

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I agree, but this guy is not unknown, he is background tested and gets high marks from everyone he worked with, it is always a gamble, but Lane Kiffin has more background issues than this guy, by far.

Exactly my point…

I know I’m being petty, shallow, etc.

I also know none of the following would matter if he won games…

…his press conference verbiage and mannerisms drive me crazy.

He overuses the phrase “1-0”, reuses the same phrases over and over, has a habit of sticking his tongue out, reads from notes, and taps fingers/fidgets. I can’t watch it. I just can’t.

Far better Drinkwitz than BLJ.