Personality and character wise

It’s not even close. Pittman > Kiffin. Is whiz kid’s brilliant offensive mind more than enough to trump that? I dunno. I do think we’re about to get a lot tougher in the trenches and play with some fire in our bellies. That’s a start and a reason to buy some tickets.

I advocated for Pittman in the beginning and then started thinking about Leach with his dynamic offense when so many were saying NO to Pittman because of his lack of head coaching experience. I then got persuaded to get on the Lane Train and when that wrecked I was OK with Drink or Larsin. When news broke Sun afternoon that Pittman was a strong candidate I started remembering why I wanted him in the first place.

A successful coaching staff can be put together in different ways. Some very successful staffs have a head coach who is the offensive coordinator while others have head coaches that are like football CEO’s who supervise all phases of the game. Saban at Alabama and Orgeron at LSU have been successful CEO types while Malzahn has been successful calling the plays so both systems can work.

I like Pittman because I see him in the Saban / Orgeron mold whereby he becomes that tough CEO who has his hands on everything and for me Pittman was the one guy who I could envision being very much like Saban or Orgeron. Kiffin, Leach, Norvell, Drink and Larsin were guys who are more like Malzahn and there is nothing wrong with that but I just felt like Arkansas needed that tough CEO to provide overall leadership.

Saban and Orgeron were smart enough to surround themselves with good coaches and both coaches have dynamic offenses even though Saban was once noted for his defensive genius and Orgeron for his work with linemen. Pittman must now demonstrate that he is more than an offensive line coach by putting the right coaches in charge of the offense and defense and I believe he will do that.

When Pittman was being suggested the knock was his lack of head coaching experience and quite frankly I think most just could not envision an offensive line coach becoming the head coach. Posters wanted an example of an offensive line coach who had made that successful transition and of course Orgeron was the immediate example that came to mind, but there is another guy who I thought of and that is Andy Reid.

Go back and look at Andy Reid’s coaching experience and you will see that he started out as an offensive line coach and after many years of bouncing around in that capacity he made the jump to that of a head coach and to make a long story short he is now the successful head coach of the Chiefs and the guy in charge of maybe the best offense in the NFL.

Time is the only thing that will tell whether all those years of experience has prepared Pittman for this job but Reid, Saban and Orgeron make me believe that leadership and toughness matter and I just think that Pittman fits that mold to a tee.

My hope now is that he is smart enough to surround himself with the right coaching staff just like Saban and Orgeron have done and if that happens this program is headed in the right direction.

I love the hire! I think he will recruit the type of linemen that we need to get back to where we can compete with the elite.
I’m not sure what kind of offense he will try to install. I love what LSU has done with their offense they run the ball just enough to keep you off balance and they burn you with pass.I think Sam will make this team a whole lot tougher on the line of scrimmage and that is where the foundation of every great team starts.

It’s going to be a couple of tough years for him I hope people realize that but once he gets his guys in here I think we will be competitive for as long as he’s here

Great post, villacard. My thoughts about a new head coach were similar to yours. While I have reservations about Pittman’s lack of head coaching experience, all of his positives outweigh that concern. I am so very impressed by his body of work, the respect and admiration he has from the coaching community, the love and respect he has from his former players. It also appears he really wants to be here and take advantage of the opportunity he has been given! That says a lot to me. He is simply the kind of person you want to believe in and root for! Personally, I don’t care if he was our first choice or our fourth choice. I just want to move forward and I don’t care to hear about any soap operas that may have taken place in the search.

I too hope he surrounnds himself with a great coaching staff – similar to what Coach O has done at LSU. I think he will if he is given the right support from the AD and BOT.

Coach Pittman has my support, and I hope the Razorback nation rallies around him and shows him the respect and support he deserves! Best of luck CSP!!!