Personal insight

OK…I have this tiny amount of insight to offer.

In building the college program I have presided over for 20 years now, my first year was sheer hell. We had almost no talent here, and what we did have didn’t like the way I did things. They had been coddled. Told how great they were without real work being asked of them.

A group of the talented kids went to chair to complain about me. Year 1. Me not having tenure. It was not fun. We had a huge pow wow. Voices were raised. I dug in my heals and prayed! Thankfully, the chair backed me, and I built around less talented, but dedicated kids. We weren’t very good that first year. We were better in year 2. By year 3 we were getting invitations to music conferences…and we have gone on to have one of the best programs in the country.

Its pretty obvious that while there are some good attitudes at UA…there is a lack of talent…and probably a lack of buy in to the schemes and techniques they are being coached. How could there not be? Bret preached AGAINST the scheme we are running on offense in particular…and recruited for something very different.

Chad deserves to be evaluated vigorously…as does his staff…but its pretty clear to me he’s going through what I went through in my first year (albeit I was not in the national limelight…thank God). Drastic transition with little talent is NO FUN.

Thanks Hogm, I needed your comment. Because right now, I don’t see getting that much better next year. :x

Thanks for the post. That makes total sense.

Someday we’ll turn this around.