Perry Costello Terrible Strike Zone

And Texas pitcher and hitters appear to be getting the benefit of the doubt. Perry’s costing State some outs tonight. Also, this timing violation rule stinks at this level…poor optic for the CWS.

A State hitter got hit on the arm by a pitch and Perry didn’t call it and the replay didn’t overturn it. It was obvious to me.

I’ve been watching only intermittently. What is the timing violation rule?

And in other breaking news, water is wet and the sun rises in the east. Of course Costello is a bad ump. Why anyone lets him call any game, much less an important game, is beyond me.


“Dog bites man”

Because sports are about money and ratings I guess. Texas pulls more than MSU?

Perry Costello was assigned to call the CWS long before any of the eight teams were selected. This is not fixing, this is pure incompetence, on his part and on the part of the people who select the umps. He should not be there, this year or ever.

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Ole Perry pulls off that face mask and struts around every chance he gets. Sigh…

Perfectly stated.

Fans and players can complain about an Ump all day long. But until Coaches involved in the tournaments complain collectively he ain’t going nowhere.

Completely agree! Someone ought to do a Yoggi Berra and drag him all across the infield!

Then why is he?

I doubt anyone knows. Maybe the NCAA doesn’t think he’s incompetent. Or maybe he knows somebody in the hiring hierarchy. Or maybe the NCAA doesn’t have a whole lot of good choices. However, as an Arkansas fan who has seen some of his incompetence hurt us, I’m not crazy about him being there.

I think the jerk is biased against the SEC as a whole. Which probably isn’t viewed as a negative from competing conferences. A man of contemptible character.

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