Perry Costello is working the College World Series

According to a tweet this morning by Derek Ruscin, Costello is one of the eight umpires assigned to be in Omaha.

How does this continue to happen? He’s objectively horrible.

Well there’s a 50/50 chance we see him on the field calling one of our games. If you hit the ball he can’t have much of an impact! What he will do is cost you big time while your in the field.
The NCAA awards some real poor umpires with the chance to go to Omaha! I wonder who graded him!


Yes, after my initial misconception that he wouldn’t be in Omaha, because I thought all umpires that would be would also be part of the Supers, I found out otherwise. Have assumed he’d be here since then - and have tried to not think about it.


It just shows the ignorance of those in charge at the NCAA home office. That’s the only real answer.