Perry coming to BWA reminded me of this

Just curious, is your name Ricky Bobby? Or do you just go by his motto, if you’re not first you’re last? That’s about the only way I can figure out your bottom-dwelling comment in regards to bball. This is where we finished in the SEC in each of MA’s years:
Currently T-7th.

While I am not thrilled with those results, which would you consider bottom-dwelling, when only 2 years were even in the bottom-half?

I know people are frustrated with MA, but why do so many have to over-state his negatives? If you want to say he’s not doing a good-enough job that’s fine, we can debate that based on actual facts, But why do you try to spin the narrative by calling his results bottom-dwelling when we haven’t finished near the bottom since his first year?

Year after year in BB? Have you ignored the last 5 years, or even this year?

In the last five years, Arkansas has finished 5th, 2nd, 8th, 3rd and 4th in SEC Basketball. Since you call that bottom dwelling, do you think FB will rise above that? The numbers I gave you are not SEC West, but all if SEC.

I am praying Chad Morris works out for us in FB. We cannot go down the Heath-Pelphrey path in FB. I am hoping FB will at least match BB in success. I will be one happy fan if FB can have finishes like BB did the last 5 years.

PJ well done!

This thread is so depressing. Confirmation of what we have known.

Shady, shady game. It’s why I can’t even be mad that we are just average. It’s rigged. And then Greenberg is allowed to help out his buddies on tv.

I’m convinced it’s why MA never gets any credit whatsoever even when we are good. He doesn’t play the game.

And, the industry and the king makers/maintainers continue to prop up the shady characters that have ruined the sport.

I have just given up. All this cheating accelerated after our last two final fours. Nolan was telling us about it back then. I have no hope because after Anderson is gone after next year, I see this coming, some of these people are going to see what really being on the bottom is like. I hope I am proven wrong, i don’t think it is likely.


Every team in the SEC is on the rise, except for the Hogs. The next 2-3 seasons will make the past 5 look like the glory days of the 90’s

That is what I thought you were doing. Looking at this year only and projecting based on this year only.

At the same time you projected entirely opposite for FB based on a 2-10 season. You must be assuming thatvrest of SEC is on a downward curve in FB.

Let’s conclude you don’t like Mike Anderson and like Chad Morris and move on from this topic.

That’s completely false. You think Georgia, Vandy, A&M, Mizzou, Florida, SC are on the rise? Let’s see what happens to Tennessee when the top two scorers in the SEC graduate this year. Ole Miss will lose all the seniors doing the most damage with their program. Same with Auburn. MSU, LSU, and Kentucky are the only solid teams I’d say would be just as good next season. Don’t let one season blow up your exaggeration.

I’m sure the rest of the SEC was on downward spiral 4-5 years prior to this recent rise you spoke of, when we were winning 24, 27, 23 games a year up to and including last year.

Glad you admit it :wink: :o :smiley:

Just no other way :innocent::nerd_face:

This guy is literally just making up wild stuff that’s not even remotely close to being true.

I can think of a few other people who do the same thing regularly in a lot more important venue than a message board.