Perry coming to BWA reminded me of this

Arrival of Reggie Perry at BWA reminded me of this. Until the Perry decommitment, our projected roster was

C - Gafford
PF - Perry, Bailey, Henderson, Osabuohien
SF - Hall, Garland
SG - Joe, Sills, CJ Jones
PG - (Harris was added later)

How different the life would have been with a starting 5 of Gafford, Perry, Hall, Joe and Harris.

Another example of Mike Anderson not getting the job done. I for one never thought of him as a great hire. Sickening to see what the young coach at LSU is doing and here we are again, rebuilding and not going to challenge for anything but the lower tier of the conference.

You mean not getting the job done like two schools/coaches accused of paying players? You want Anderson to pay for players?

If you know anything about the situation, you know there was nothing Arkansas/Anderson could do other than joining a business decision that arrived after a trip to Italy.

Plenty of reasons to criticize the current head coach, but this is not one of them…unless you’re down with Arkansas going that route.

So what happened in Italy Dudley? Do you know exactly? Who was involved? Seth Greenburg?..I would like details.

Seth Greenberg was there.

And Perry de-committed right away.

There are reasons why this happened, but I’m not going to ruin my career by diving in.

Dudley…with all due respect, how would talking about what went down ruin your career? I don’t believe Seth Greenberg has any influence on your career. No offense, but you’re not exactly Woodward or Bernstein and this ain’t Watergate.

Say no more.
Its crystal clear what took place.

Wade hasn’t done anything yet at LSU above what Mike has done at Arkansas. Let’s see what happens in NCAAT for LSU.

Oh, Wade has done something above what Mike has done here. He’s inve$ted in the $leazy proce$$ of recruiting $tar ba$ketballer$.

Because there are rules that apply to journalism - although some in my profession no longer follow them as the line between journalist and talking head blur - but you don’t state or write things unless you have those facts in front of you triple-sourced.

I can allude all I want, but there is a line.

And no, I have never held myself up as important in the pantheon of great writers or investigative journalists, but it doesn’t mean I should do anything but do it the right, fair and proper way.

Dudley, why doesn’t someone from the staff report what went on with Perry to the NCAA? What have they got to lose? Cheaters should be exposed.

Turning someone in is tough too! Where the proof! Picture or receipt of the transaction that took play. That’s the problem

I guess it’s just speculation then. That’s what I was afraid of!

No it isn’t speculation. They paid for him to attend MooU.

They may have. That I don’t know and doubt they would tell me if they did.

There is a lot coaching staffs know about other shady staffs, Way more than just this Perry deal.
But I would assume the ole unwritten code somewhat applies here same as with police, doctors, etc.
Be careful what pot you stir.

Year after year we get our asses kicked in FB and BB and everyone else is cheating - I call BS on that. Getting out recruited and out coached. I think this (bottom-dwelling) will soon end in FB but it wont end in BB until a Coaching change is made.

Army, I don’t doubt you but where’s your proof?

Dude. The freaking FBI is investigating LSU basketball. That’s not my opinion, that’s fact. Hasn’t been publicly connected to Wade – yet. But…

Just in case you missed it:

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But the NCAA has looked into what Wade was doing at Virginia Commonwealth.

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