Peripheral But Intriguing

Peripheral to the bigger CV19 issue, but still an intriguing topic to fill the void, is the other spring season: coaching hiring/firing season for basketball. Will coaches be cut loose when ADs know they can’t interview new candidates easily? Traveling around to meet up or to host campus visits is now a real question mark.

Or, maybe I’ve not been paying attention and coaches are being fired.

This is probably a great time to be a hot seat coach. My guess is that some coaches will be retained that otherwise would not have been.

I guess that depends if AD’s and Admins feel comfortable to conduct face to face interviews and allow travel each way to do so.
Or the hiring process be done by video teleconference interviews. Along with a corona virus test?
I’m thinking coaches “hot seats” aren’t at the top of athletic programs lists right now.

I’m just wondering how the NCAA is continuing with it investigations now. Another reason to play slow or slower ball?

Minnesota is apparently keeping little Pitino, and Clemson is going to give Brownell another year. Both of those guys looked like pretty good bets to get canned before the stoppage.

Here’s an intriguing “what if” hypothetical. What if we had kept Mike one more year? Obviously there would be many variables, but I think we can generally agree that we would have most likely been headed toward missing the tournament. Yet given the current situation, I think it would be very difficult to make a coaching change right now. I’m glad that is not a situation we are having to deal with.

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