Perimeter shooting from practice observers

I’m curious both with regards to this season and our greatest need for the final scholarship. If you take Hannahs off this team, in what shape is our perimeter shooting? I understand that the shooting for an individual can vary quite a bit over time. Hence, any projections now based on a few practices is fraught with uncertainty. I’m just looking for a general sense of how well this team can knock down treys.

Based on what I have read and a few stat sheets, my general impression is:

  1. 40%+ potential and high 30’s floor - Macon
  2. High 30’s potential and mid 30’s floor - Thomas and Hazen
  3. High 30’s potential - low 30’s floor - Barford, Beard, Glasper? Jones?
  4. Might not cringe if he takes a trey - Kingsley?

Jones has a really good looking shot from what little film I’ve found on-line and Glasper had 9 3s in one game this past year.

Admittedly, I haven’t been to a high school game in I can’t remember when. Is the high school 3-point line same distance as college?

Google says college ball is one foot further out.

They used to be the same distance, then they moved the college line back a foot beginning with the 2008-09 season.

Let’s be honest here…a lot 3 pt attempts by great shooters are not at the line, their just aware their behind the arc and feelung it.

When Rodney Clarke gave his verbal commit questions regarding the distance between the College vs H.S. line were none existent because it was obvious the kid could shoot.

9 in one game play’s into the narrative of either a very competent threat beyond the arc or a ball hog aka (being the best offensive threat on the team)
Wouldnt you agree it’s relvancy relies upon whether he was 9 of 12 vs 9 of 20

My opinion based on report’s I’ve heard here is my ranking:

Best: (Excels at a ridiculous rate)
Dusty Hannahs

#2 Group: (Above avg. 35-40 percentile’s)
Daryl Macon
RJ Glasper
Brachen Hazen

#3 Group (Average Shooter 33-35 percentile)
Anton Beard
Jaylen Barford
CJ Jones

#4 Group (Competent but not recommended 29-33 percentile)
Adrio Bailey
Manuale Watkins

#5 Group (Avoiding a shot clock violation)
Moses Kingsley
Trey Thompson

We are all speculating not having seen the new players in a game situation. But based on what I am hearing from the few who have seen them play pickup ball, I would put CJ Jones in the Macon group, put Hazen and Glasper with Barford and add Thomas to that group. And I would switch Kingsley and Watkins in your list.

Kingsley’s jumper looked good enough last year that with any improvement a trey could possibly be within his range where he wouldn’t automatically take a seat next to CMA if he took an open look on occasion.

Also, Barford improved from 32% from the arc as a frosh to 36% last season, and that was on a high-volume 4 trey attempts per game last season. It would be huge if he can replicate that success or improve.

Beard is an x-factor. He shot 29% last season, having to force a lot of shots. As a frosh in SEC play, he converted 39%. The floor should be more consistently spaced this season. He looks a lot better on the court when he is making open treys since he gets steals at a high rate and rarely turns the ball over.

Need to move CJ Jones up to group 2

What about Hazen OnTheHillHogFan?

I’d wondered about Hazen because he shot 21 percent from 3 on about 5 attempts per game and was average from the foul line in the EYBL prior to his senior year. But you watch him on film and his shot is mechanically sound and smooth.

I’ve heard he’s a gym rat and has shot the ball very well since arriving on campus. Defense/rebounding may be issues at this point, but it sounds like he will have a chance to carve out a role at the 4 as a freshman.


Jimmy, that 21% is an erroneous EYBL figure for Hazen. I saw that and knew it was wrong, so I went back and looked at each game’s statistics. One game (can’t remember which one) had him 1-41 on 3s. His entire stat line was out of kilter for that game. When you correct that to 1-4??, his shooting percentage was in the mid 30s.

Ahhh, that makes much more sense. Makes you wonder how accurate their stats are in general.

Right there with group 2. I would put Hannahs by himself until the others show us what they can do in a game.