Perhaps the article’s title is a little dramatic

but it lays out what Pittman is/could be experiencing right now.


Surely you can take the time to read this! Worth your time, IMO.

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Sam said the current situation is unsustainable.

I agree. That’s why I defended him saying what he did with the current NIL climate.

The burnout rate will escalate if there’s something not done. Even before the portal and NIL, some coaches were looking to go to the NFL to escape the 24/7 recruiting.

A former college coach in the NFL told me he can go home and not have to be on the phone all night recruiting.

Another was looking to jump to the NFL because he said his vacations were also putting out fires related to recruited. He said he never really go any downtime.


Great to hear Sam and HY attended Mike Leach’s funeral. They both represent us well.


They certainly do.
Merry Christmas.

It’s completely unsustainable. If the NCAA can’t do it, the SEC ought to adopt a rule that prohibits a transfer from one school to another within the conference from having immediate eligibility. That would still allow a recruit to go to another conference & would still allow SEC teams to poach players from other leagues, but it would stop or severely slow the intraconference poaching. Apparently some other SEC actively recruited KJ this year & we were able to keep him, but I don’t like the fact that they tried.

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Much simpler to just go back to the original rule. Transfers lose a year of eligibility.


That won’t happen. But eligibility isn’t what it used to be. Now a player can redshirt if he only plays in 4 games (5 counting a bowl) & it’s easy to get medical redshirts. But the top players rarely use redshirts. They don’t even use all their eligibility. They turn pro at the earliest opportunity.

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