Perhaps Pearl's job is secure after all

Jon Rothstein
Auburn’s Bruce Pearl has received a contract extension through the 2022-23 season, per a source.
10:00 AM · Jun 4, 2018

Auburn could care less what a coach does, as long as they bring wins. Nevermind, that his team collapsed at the end of the season and only won the SEC regular season with Tennessee because they started out with a big lead and everybody else was beating each other up.

His job maybe secure for now, but the investigation into College basketball is not over.

Slimeball to go with his twin in Lexington.

I personally doubt he complete’s next seasons (2018-19) contract. This has already effected their recruiting.

Hard to believe anyone would extend a contract with so many negatives facing a program… the ex-coach large payout club is about to get bigger.

Speaks volumes about the Institution! The fact that they hired him in the first place is very telling.

The extension reminds me of the old saying about support for some politicians: it’s a mile wide and six inches deep.

Right now Auburn knows that the investigation has been going for quite a while and no one has fingered Pearl. If you don’t signal support for him in this situation that is just as bad as the investigation itself-you are telling recruits and current players that you are not sure if the other shoe is going to drop.

So he gets a vote of confidence with the extension. And the lawyers for Auburn quietly remind the brass that the contract has clauses in it to quickly give him the boot if the other shoe does drop. If Pearl gets implicated, it’s embarrassing for Auburn but every one probably has cover for the decision to extend “based on what we knew then”.

On the other hand, if Chuck Person and others don’t implicate Pearl directly, the program rocks along with Pearl winning a lot of games until he retires and goes back to TV in four or five years.

The NCAA has become a joke. From all I’ve read it’s pretty clear that an Auburn player’s family was given over $7,000 during the recruiting process.

Auburn has a deep dark history of NCAA violations. No integrity is their calling card.

Most of us remember the investigation of the football and basketball program in the 90’s when we landed a 3 year probation for Ted Harrod (a booster) paying players to clean out trucks. All 20 players did the work and the total they were paid was $4,300 of which a small amount was more than allowed. Now the NCAA has facts showing much worse and will not move forward. They are useless. See North Carolina fake classes.

That’s how I see it FWIW…