Perhaps best soccer player in the world today

Kylian Mbappe of France. Just 23, already has 9 goals in World Cup including his heroics as a 19 year old that won the 2018 World Cup for France. Watch the power and precision in his foot. That ball explodes off his foot like a loaded shot gun.

Mbappe is super human.

Superior athletes with extremely toned skills make for extraordinary viewing. The artistry is appreciated by friend and foe alike.

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Old Man Messi isn’t too shabby either. Would much prefer seeing him and his mates win the cup, than some young French dude who’s name sounds like a Hanson song from the 90’s!

I watched my first soccer game today from beginning to end as Brazil was upset, 1-0. Soccer may become a major sport in this country due to the World Cup. Brazil controlled the game, but lost. The overtime kickoff was cool.

You don’t want to take Croatia to extra time. They have that part down pat.

Looks like Argentina and Netherlands might be heading to penalties.

Fake free kick by Netherlands tied the game, but Argentina won on PKs. But what a goal!

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Don’t look now, but it kind of already is a major sport in the US. Average attendance at MLS games is higher than attendance at NBA games, and not too far behind MLB. Our men’s and women’s National teams have a huge following.

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Also higher than NHL even in hockey markets.

I think MLS has been smart to insist on intimate soccer-focused stadiums for the most part instead of 20,000 people rattling around in a 70,000-seat NFL stadium. I’ve been to games at the KC soccer stadium (capacity 18,500) and it’s a lot more fun that way. Maybe some day they’ll need that many seats (Seattle draws rather well in its NFL stadium, although I believe they tarp off the upper deck to get capacity down to 37K for all but the biggest games), but for now intimate works.

I love the MLS stadiums. It does not matter where you sit. Great views.

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Matches at Q2 in Austin are ridiculously fun. The first round playoff match this year, Austin FC’s 1st ever, was one of my top all time live sporting events. Seats a touch over 20K and not a bad one in the joint.

What will happen to attendance if this happens……

So you are saying Messi is in the portal?


Inter Miami has an 18,000 seat stadium right now, with a new 25,000-seat place in the works, anticipated to open in 2025. That 25K might not be enough for a while. Or it would be your basic hard sellout.

Just wait till you see the stadium in St. Louis. Blows KC away!

The KC place doesn’t have super amenities, although the bar that opens out onto the field is cool. But it’s intimate, every seat is a great one, it’s been packed every time I was there and it’s a real intense atmosphere.

St. Louis will be all that and more. There is no city in the U.S. with a longer, prouder soccer history. That stadium will be packed with passionate, knowledgeable soccer fans.KC soccer dates back to the 70’s. St. Louis soccer dates back to the 60’s. The 1860’s!

Random fact, I’ve lived next to or walk by the same elementary school in Fayetteville for the past 28 years. I distinctly remember watching kids throw a football at recess for years. They play soccer now at recess. I figure in 10 to 15 more years we might be legit on the world stage

Yeah I’ve never understood why St. Louis hasn’t been a fixture in NASL/MLS.