Perhaps among the greatest pre-game introductions ever

Everyone wins this game

I always watch this game! It’s more than a game.

This and the Masters are on my sports bucket list to go see. Maybe next year I will make this happen.

I’ve scratched the Masters off my bucket list and it was awesome.
The Army Navy game is rather watch on TV!

That was a wonderful intro!

In addition to the game, I enjoy watching the march-on. It happens several hours before the game and it is broadcast on CBS sports network (11 AM - 12:30 CST).

These are the best of the best that our country has to offer. I never miss the game. I consider it my duty. I remember seeing a post on this very board that the game should not be televised I guess because the teams were not ranked or something. Few things upset me on here, but that did in a big way. Some of these same young men (can we say that these days) in less than a year could and probably will be risking or worse their lives so we can watch football or whatever we want (including saying young lady or anything else we want - see the Constitution ).

Yes, these are not just college football players. They are very, very special people. We cannot thank them enough.

Within this year I will have been to Pearl Harbor and Omaha Beach. Go to those places. Try to keep a dry eye (you will not) and then say these are just football players.

Oh yes, they also normally put on one heck of a game and no matter the score, there will be no quit (unlike what we have seen here these past few years). When it is over, they will join as one to salute each other and go out to protect us. May God bless them and keep them safe.

Well said, Jim. May God bless them and bless their sisters in uniform. The young men and women who chose a military academy (and a life in the military) deserve all of our respect and support.

And they get paid to go to school! NCAA violation!!!

(tongue firmly in cheek. It’s not an NCAA violation because all of the cadets/midshipmen get paid to go to school, not just jocks. Ohio State wouldn’t have gotten in trouble if all their students were offered free tattoos in exchange for gear).