Perhaps a better hire than Beard in the long run?

Beard is a great coach no doubt and was my #1 candidate for the job here, but I believe in the long run Mussleman will be a better hire.

I stayed up and watched the Florida-Nevada game and even though Nevada lost, you could tell what Muss was trying to do and how he manages the game. I also did a lot of reading on him including what yo guys are posting here. More I read, more I like him.

My immediate thought is this guy is a hidden secret and we are lucky to get him. He should have been picked up by a P5 school long before.

I believe in the long run, he is a better hire than Beard for many reasons.

Although I became a fan of Beard at UALR, in the back of my mind I worried about he drawing major talent to Arkansas because the style of play. There was a lot of talk among Little Rock high school players. I think Muss’s style of play will be appealing to kids just like the previous system was. For sure, Beard could have won with lesser talent and this may not be an immediate issue, but I worry about that for Beard in the long run. Bobby Knight had trouble recruiting later.

Following that thought, I believe his style will be an easier transition to our current players than Beard’s. This will help minimize immediate roster turnover. I wish Keyshawn had waited before making a decision. I have a feeling he would have stayed. I think there would have been a lot more turnover if Beard had come.

Finally, I think Beard would have been a short term guy. We know what his dream job is. That would be a threat each off-season. I don’t think Muss has a dream job that he has made known. We can do the right things for him and lose him as quickly.

Although I like Beard, got to know him a bit, I just feel better overall about Muss after spending the last 24 hours studying him. After a rocky 10 days, good job in the end by Yuracheck.

Obviously, I’m a big fan, but I don’t know if I’d go as far you went. Beard is really, really good. We’ll see.

I will say this. I don’t think that was a rocky coaching search. Lot of bad info out there.

I tend to agree even though I was initialing expecting Beard. After a little research I think this guy is a better fit and has more upside, les risk. His style is going to be more exciting and helpful in recruiting. I will get slammed for this but he has a beautiful talented black wife and that has to be a plus.

I feel the same way, the more I research Muss and his background the more I like him. He was practically born into Coaching basketball and he has been doing it at all levels since a very young age.
I think that previous NBA Coaching experience will perk the interest of many HS recuits.

I like the hire very much… he runs a style of offense that a lot of kids want to be involved in and his connections to NBA and other professional outlets are going to have to be a plus. Beard is a great coach but what Musselman is done in Nevada is very impressive! Time will tell this is a very tough conference but I believe if he can get the ball rolling he can have a great impact on the program and hopefully stay here for a long time.

Thought long and hard about it. I am measuring at the most 2 years of Beard at Arkansas against at least 5 of Mussleman. I don’t want to go thru another coaching search in 2 years. I think Texas will eventually come after Beard. Also Coach K and Roy Williams perhaps are getting close to retirement and Beard could be their top candidate.

His wife is beautiful (no need for the extra noun), he’s a good Coach and he will be the antithesis of MA’s never show a whole lot of emotion style - which I think will be a good thing for us fans that have been lulled into a stupor over the past 25 years…

I wouldn’t put my money on that bet.

The Mussel Man is as good a coach as we could have realistically hoped to sign. Beard however, is on another level. He could take Tennessee Tech to the Final Four! That btw, is not something I see John Pelphrey doing.

Muss has to prove he can can recruit. At Nevada he did a good job of improving players and spotting undervalued transfer talent. However, the meat of his rotation was almost entirely transfers. That strategy allowed him to assemble elite talent relative to the Mountain West, which had only three top-100 teams last year. Bringing high-major transfers into a high-major conference may not be as successful. Can he get 4-star talent out of high school and then plug holes with transfers?

I don’t think he’s a better coach than Beard but I do think he’s the best hire if that makes sense. We needed a guy that can coach and get a fire built under this program and I feel like he will get that accomplished. We needed this hire in the worst way he’s not a home run hire but I do feel like HY hit a triple with a couple guys on and kept us in the game to play another day. Time will tell as it always does just how good of a hire CEM will prove to be for the Hogs. Glad we have our man and that the hunt is over,it was getting pretty crazy with some of the posts that were made.I’m pretty sure we will see at least one more post about the love being showed to Beard by Hog fans before the night is over !! WPS

Correct. That is why I said “better hire” and not “better coach”.

So glad we got the RIGHT coach. Would take Mussleman over Beard anyday. Will however be rooting for Beard to win the championship.

Coach Mus fits the Sutton /Richardson profile. Somewhat under the radar, just like Sutton and Richardson He has a diverse, winning resume. I think that coaching all levels in pro ball is a great recruiting advantage that is unmatched by any other coach in the SEC. Beard looks to be a coaching star, but I think that Musselman can win championships at Arkansas. We will know before the end of the season. if we go to the NCAA tournament this year, that will be a great turnaround and should signal that we will be a force in college basketball again.

I know that I am probably foolishly optimistic, but I think that this guy is the real deal. I hope that I’m right because I am ready for some winning. WPS

Need to do a lot more than go to the tournament to signal we are a force again. Remembier we were there 2 out of last 3 years and that wasn’t enough to make us relevant.

I think you are on the musselman train way too hard. Back in 2005 Nevada had hired a new coach as their prior one for his tenure had about a .520 winning percentage, the new coach would coach 5 seasons and have a winning percentage
Of .741 overall and over .800 in conference play, he must be a genius is what you would think. So ask georgia fans how much they love Mark Fox because that’s who it is. He had almost identical numbers (even with an extra season played) and inherited a team from a coach with an almost identical winning % as musselman did. People need to slow down and curb expectations, Nevada SOS was around 115 and they lost 85-58 to a 14-18 new mexico team and barely escaped with a four point win over south Dakota state, despite having 5 starting seniors

I believe that I read on here that people were concerned that Beard only had 4 years of D1 coaching experience, but Musselman only has 4 years of D1 coaching experience as well.

I am optimistic and excited with our new coach, but I’m not sure I can be persuaded that a guy who has coached in Arkansas, coached in Texas, is from Texas and has taken Texas Tech to overtime in the national championship wouldn’t be better than Musselman. Again, I am very excited and happy with Musselman, but Beard has the look of a guy that is a college basketball lifer. I am not sure Musselman is.