Perfect snap by Brett Goode

Which led to the Packers’ 52-yard game winning FG. A great afternoon for this Packers shareholder: Hogs women beat the Ocean Scum and the Pack marches on.

Happy for him, but this has been one of the worst 12 months of sports in my life. Hog basketball sucked (talking the last 12 months so not talking about this years team), baseball team had the worst year in forever, Cards didn’t make the playoffs, Hog football team finished horrible. The bright spot in my fandom was the unexpected season of the Cowboys and they find a way to mess that up.

I hate sports.

As good a quarterback performance by Rodgers as I’ve ever seen. He’s really dialed in right now.

Can’t deny it was a great pass and exceptional catch, but that was on the Dallas D. Watch 1st down and 2nd down. They were bringing pressure, man to man, stunting. On that play they went to the prevent defense. The only thing it prevents is you keeping the lead (or in this case forcing OT).

I bet they were at least in part protecting against the Hail Mary, which is not a bad idea given that Rodgers is the best ever at throwing it. A Hail Mary would have required a 70-yard throw – but Aaron Rodgers has that kind of arm strength. Jared Cook, the GB tight end who made the catch (and former SoCar Chicken; he scored a TD in the game where DMac rushed for 321 at RRS) said he found a gap between underneath coverage and the deep guys. As it was, Rodgers threw the ball across his body, without setting his feet, 38 yards in the air, and couldn’t have placed it any better if he’d run down there and set it on a tee.

Was the officiating just bad in that game or what? It amazes me how many PI calls are missed. And I am not talking about ticky tack ones. I am talking about blatant, rip my jersey off my pads kind of misses.

I thought so. Mainly on Morris Claiborne, who is a graduate of the Les Miles school of pass interference, but GB did it some too.

Here’s a story from Gannett Wisconsin on the winning kick, including some quotes from Brett Goode: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /96567662/”></LINK_TEXT>

What made me mad about the next to last GB score. They called that a PI. If they didn’t call the others (against both teams), they shouldn’t have called that one.

Back to the original point. I paid more attention than usual to the snapping. You are right. Goode was great. He has probably worked himself into being one of, if not the very best snappers in the world. I hope someday one of our outstanding whole hog sports journalists does an in depth piece on Brett Goode. I’d really like to know what kind of drills and training he does. What is the key to being a great snapper. What position did he play in high school and did he play any other sports?

I think he was an O-lineman at Northside. Dunno if he was a snapper there, but he was at UA definitely. I think it’s just a lot of practice. The Gannett story I linked talked about how Goode and the punter/holder didn’t see any of the drive to set up the winning kick because they were working on snaps and holds. I also noticed that the snap was perfect for the kick that didn’t count because of the Dallas timeout (the timeout they still had because Dak spiked it on first down, a source of some controversy today). Then he nailed the second snap as well.