Perfect hire

Seth Greenberg! Watched Gameday. Proves he knows more than anyone on the set and we already know he can steer players to where he wants them. Checks all the boxes!!

Sarcasm Alert :rotating_light:

Ha ha ha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Call me crazy, but I’d do back-flips with Bruce Pearl. I think he just knows how to get it done. I’ve always liked him as a personality and a coach.

I’m not sure I could keep my stomach content on the inside with John Calimari. Either that or it might cause me to develop a case of uncontrolled explosive diarrhea. I dislike him that much! But Cal wins, so I’d just have to stock up on barf bags and plenty of toilet tissue and a few more changes of underpants, but I’d suffer through it.

But Seth Greenberg… I think that might make me stop watching Razorback Basketball for the duration of his tenure. Stop completely. Cannot stand the man. Hell, I’d rather have to sit through 24 hours straight of Lou Holtz and Mark May football BS, than have to listen to 10 minutes of Greenberg. He is a game ender for me.

If we landed Pearl, I would have a spell. He’s the easy hot get. I like buzz okay and I like Sampson okay, Pearl is the man of the hour though. Doesn’t overcoach, let’s them play, doesn’t have his thumb on ever step move or pass. Utilized every drop of talent to the highest.

We got Gus a big raise at Auburn might as well do the same for Bruce.

Buzz or Beard are my choices, the more I watch them coach the more I like what I see. WPS

I just watched a special on Loyola-Chicago’s run to the final four in 2018. Coach is Porter Moser who was at UALR in 2000-2003. He has what we have been missing- “Fire in the Belly”. GO GET HIM!!!