Perfect Game Alert!

The Tampa Bay Rays are 3 outs away from the first ever combined perfect game in Major League Baseball. Former Razorback Ryne Stanek started the game and threw two perfect innings.

Aaaaaaaaaand they blew it. They’ve given up two hits so far in the 9th.

Lost the perfecto on a ground ball into the shift. It’s not easy to get a hit when you hit into an overshifted defense. Away from it, simple.

I’m just glad he didn’t bunt against the shift to break up the perfect game. That would have sent baseball purists everywhere into orbit. :lol:

Agree, and that drives me nuts. The goal is still to win the game even in the ninth inning of a potential perfect game. You get on base any way you can. If that means bunting against a shift, they’re giving you a base hit, take it.

I’ll agree with that. My viewpoint on the situation has changed over the years. I used to be all for baseball and its “unwritten rules,” but now I find some of them go against common sense. If you don’t want a person bunting against the shift, then don’t shift! It’s that simple.