Perception and Reality

FSU is ranked 19th while the Hogs with the same 5-3 record is ranked 32nd in the AP poll.
FSU \t\t\t
Game Day Won Current ranking \t
11\t Mississippi NR\t\t\t\t\t\t
LOST \t \t\t\t\t
10\t Louisville\t 5\t\t
NR\t UNC\t\t 18\t\t
3\t Clemson\t 3\t\t

Game Day Won Current ranking
12\t Mississippi\t NR
15\t TCU\t NR
10\t Texas A&M\t 7
1\t Alabama\t 1
21\t Auburn\t 11

Just thought it was interesting how we compared with FSU as the highest ranked 3 loss team. Although interesting, I know we were embarrassed by Auburn last week which is difficult to overcome.

Hopefully, the team will show up this week against Florida.

Woo PIG!!!

Unfortunately, perception is reality.