Percent of offense installed

I thought I saw a story end of fall camp that said we had installed 70% of the offense. Coach Morris said yesterday that we would take 35% of the offense into the CSU game. The main change is the QB. Is he saying Starkel only knows 35% well enough to execute at game speed? Something doesn’t seem quite right with this.

Starkel has only been around 5-6 weeks to learn the offense. In my mind, it would make sense that he doesn’t know the whole playbook yet.

That makes sense. I would think that a college graduate who has had the playbook since June would be able to figure out more than 35%. The pass to left instead of right against Ole Miss may be telling.

Once you get the basic concept in place, the rest is varations of the , system. Players do not have to memorize each and every varation but that is called by the coaches from the sidelines and applied by the players.

I guess I’m also a little confused about the percentages that are being quoted. I think that I remember Starkel saying that he was very familiar with our offense because our offense was very similar to what he ran in high school and at A&M. The terminology may be different but most of the plays were the same. In addition, once the coaches develop an offensive game plan, they look at plays they think will work against the opposing defense and practice those plays. It doesn’t make sense to me that they can only use 35% of the plays if that what that means. The kid has been a quarterback his entire career and should be able to run the plays in the offensive game plan.
Also, I just can’t see how Hicks only knows 60% when he’s been in Morris’ system for 4 years,…3 at SMU and one here.
Maybe somebody can enlighten me.

I do not think any team takes 100 percent of their offense into a game. They pare it down to what they think should be run in that game plan. I think you guys get a little worked up over things that make pretty much straight sense to me.

You may take a different 35 to 50 percent into the next week’s games. That’s normal and less is probably more playing some inexperienced guys at O-line and wide receiver.

I also heard Chad Morris last night say that they give Starkel audible freedom. That means they are comfortable with him changing plays.

I am guessing that the 35 percent of what they run will be plenty.

You also have some freshmen playing. They have first-year Division I players in Cunningham, Stromberg, Knox and Burks.

Simple is good. That’s coaching. Run the plays you know best.

Thanks Clay…your comment makes some sense to me.

I think your confusion about Hicks is why Starkel is now the starter.

Clay is dead on. If you think about the plays/formations an offense has in their repertoire, some will be well-suited for a 3-man defensive front, some for a 4-man defensive front, some for zone coverages, some for man-to-man coverages, etc.

A coach isn’t going to use the plays built to run against a 3-man front if the team you’re playing runs predominantly 4-man fronts. And you’re not going to run zone routes against a team that plays man-to-man.

It’s all about finding the plays in your book that take best advantage of what the other team is doing on D. Those are the plays you’re working on in practice that week.

Seems like simple logic.
That coach has given Starkel audible freedom is the salient point.

While the points made by the other posters do make sense, I still have to go along with the concerns of the O.P. Assuming that the comment by the coach was indeed accurate (I have my doubts, but it was a good comment anyway), how well does the 35% that Starkel has down align with the parts that the coaches would like to run against what CSU brings to the table. Hopefully his 35% knowledge is primarily in the venue of plays that the coaches would like to run.

I do not think he said mastered. I think he said Starkel “will carry” into the game 25-30 percent. Two different things. I do not think anyone ever tries to take 100 percent of the offense into the game.

I’m interested when I see someone quoted and they don’t get the accuracy down. It’s like the game where you whisper something into an ear and you go around the room and when it’s said last is it close to the original thought. Sometimes it’s not.

The playbook is cut down to what they want to do against a specific defense each week. You might add some things as the game goes along as far as adjustments. But I don’t know many game plans that include a huge amount of the playbook.

I think all this talk about % installed is silly. Through the first two games this season…and nearly all of last season, the key problem has been poor execution. That starts with the OL and through the QB, but it’s throughout the team. There has been a tremendous lack of confidence and (probably) a great amount of stress.

Besides time and experience, the QB needs to master the easy or simple first. Meaning, the system has to be simplified rather than augmented.

Starkel is surely no running QB, but he has talent. The coaches need to play to his strengths to grow this year’s offense.

What’s better: 35% of 500 plays or 100% of 165 plays?

The ones that lead to TDS.

Seems to me folks should wonder how many play are in the playbook.
Then how many plays do we run per game.
For example if we run 70 DIFFERENT plays in a game and the playbook consists of 200 plays … thats 35%

And do they never repeat a play. Looks to me like some plays are run multiple time a game.