Per this story, Eric Musselmann is not in Fayetteville... … yetteville

Lol. HY deserves a round of applause on this one, the further we get the more bamboozled we all get.

Maybe there was atleast a doppelgänger walking around.

Maybe not yet… :wink:

Are we having fun yet with this whole coaching search…good grief!

Regardless of who they hire, I can definitely say this kinda been a fun ride. Been on my phone and social media all day speculating and sharing rumors with people.

Well, if he’s not actually on campus, that makes me feel much better about the coaching search. Sheesh, you talk about a monumental amount of smoke with nary a flame anywhere.

As I noted in another thread, if he was on campus it would be the first time that had happened here in a long time.

Yep, I’ve got to do a better job of waiting for your confirmation before jumping into the middle of the smoke storm. Dang, it’s really hard to do though with soooo much smoke. :x

Dudley, that’s why I wait to see a post from you before I believe anything I read. That’s a compliment to you and your integrity.


I’m trying to shift through all the information and misinformation

So, one report says he was here, the other says he wasn’t, neither offered any proof, so no one knows.

Maybe they are visiting her family. Down time.

You haven’t seen any of your old friends up there walking aimless around have you? We can talk in code if you like.
First name starts with a B ends with double hockey sticks.