Per Players, Petrino Equal Opportunity Jerk, Not a Racist

Probably spot on –

That was the impression I got about him.

Acquaintances who knew him thru UofA alumni unanimously expressed the same sentiments about him. Seems that the word “jerk” was a common descriptive of him. Would have assumed that it was simply his bad people skills except that his departures were usually that of “burn your bridges” & showing lack of character. Too bad since he had success at Arkansas & left UofA ranked 5th.

Yet there are some/many (fans) who still praise him here and would take him back in a heartbeat.

The last line of the article:

If his past is any indication, Petrino will have some success there, but ultimately alienate everyone on the way out.

:bell: :bell: :bell:

Yes Marty, that has been BP’s status quo for sure.

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