Peoples hired this clown

Yurachek didn’t hire this guy, but he can damn sure fire him. Left lane, hammer down. What a joke. We have players, but we’ve got a math teacher coaching them. Zero imagination. Arkansas football has never been worse. It’s almost like we aren’t playing the same sport as LSU and Florida. Come at me if you want, but I’m an alum, and this clown is in waaay over his head. I’m sick of being embarrassed.

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Oh it’s been worse. Last year, it wouldn’t even be competitive at the end of the game. You’re alum status is irrelevant.

General, I love your eternal optimism, but do you have to smell the dead body before you realize it is dead? Seriously?

Y’all were told about this guy. And almost all of you roasted the guy who said this would happen. Make all the excuses you want to, but Elmo was dead on and right about CCM.

Oh it sucks, I’m not sugarcoating it, but there’s still time to get something done this season.

Elmo was a clown who wasn’t right. 90% of what he said was pure garbage from a third person source that was as relevant as me asking my 8 year old son where he hid the T.V. remote. His tenure sucking now doesn’t mean it will continue that way.

Guys maybe we need to check ourselves but bielema went 1-7 sec then Morris 0-8. There is a dearth if talent on the hill.

You wanna fire him name a Realistic choice that would come here right now. I’ll be waiting

Exactly! People can complain till their blue in the face, but unless Yurachek has a coach lined up that we know is better, we are going to be with Morris for a while.

Ok General.

Keep throwing cold water on everyone’s opinion except yours.

He said he shouldn’t have gotten the job, was over his head.

Just keep telling yourself that CCM is the guy.

Roast me all you want, but Petrino would be undefeated with these very same players. Morris is NOT a head football coach in the SEC.

Most of these players wouldn’t be here if Petrine was the coach. Yes Petrine better coach. Terrible human and terrible recruiter. None of freshman would be here. Next great idea? I am waiting

Not throwing cold water on most peoples opinions. This sucks. Morris deserves his fair share of the blame. But if you are going to bring in Elmo, I’ll definitely throw cold water there. I’m not saying Morris is the guy, but I’m also saying if you fire him now or even after this season, it wouldn’t do any good for this program unless you KNOW you have an upgrade to Morris in the wings wanting to coach this team, and I don’t think there is one.

11 new starters on offense and 7 on defense? I’m not so sure.

My point is Morris can recruit, but he doesn’t have the gravitas to coach at this level. I would love it if he could, but he can’t. Bobby could. Maybe he wasn’t the recruiter that Morris is, but when he was here, there wasn’t a single game I didn’t think we had a chance to win. Just my opinion.

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The great recruiter has lost three commitments in the past two weeks and more are coming.

We’re going 3-9 or 4-8 and Morris won’t survive it. Book it.

Maybe 3, not sure we beat W Kentucky.

We fire him and we’ll lose more recruits than 3 or 4, you can book that.

Well, so far he has not shown any progress from year 1 to year 2, and now it appears are recruiting is regressing from last year as well. Not sure anyone should be retained for not meeting performance goals.

Disagree there. It’s not where we want it to be, but to say nothing has changed isn’t fair either.

There is still a half a season to be played, but if we are 2-7 going into the Western Kentucky game and lose to Ty Storey, then he should def be fired.