"People with options are choosing Arkansas"

Another great clip from Josh Pate. And right on the money.


Makes perfectly good sense.

Sounds like he hit the nail on the head. All sports are steadily climbing the ladder. Arkansas has become the better option. It certainly helps that the coaches are sticking around.

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It goes like this, and SabaNation is a perfect example. Pay premium, then expect results; not true the other way around.

Damn that’s good to hear someone say. Someone who is not from here I mean.

You must not be talking about me. I was born and raised in LR and went to school in Fayetteville. I am from “here”.

I was talking about the guy in the video(Pate). He’s not an Arkansas fan. He’s an outsider. That’s what I meant by “not from here.”


I never bought into “poor Arkansas” thinking that we couldn’t recruit with anyone. It was always about who the coach was and what he or she expected. Look across the programs and expectations are high; as they should be!

It was excuse making by people with a vested interest in lowering expectations.


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