People Scoff about the Uncommon

Stuff, but I’m glad that Bielema has a goal of trying to get good kids who can play.

As I watch Mixon play I’m glad that Bielema had some backbone. He sat Sprinkle for his last game for stealing at the Bowl. It was the right thing to do.

I have no doubt he would have kicked Mixon off the team if that Battery happened, here. Laugh or mock it but that matters to me.

I still want to win a ton and he has to win to stay around. But, I hope he doesn’t flinch on his zero tolerance policy regarding his players and the way they treat women.

Dede Westbrook has been arrested twice on domestic violence charges in his hometown in Texas as well. OU claimed they “investigated”, which probably went like this:

OU: Dede, did you hit her?

Westbrook: Naw man, that was blown way out of proportion.

OU: OK, you’re good.

I’m not sure what school would give Mixon another a chance like OU.

I’m not saying a kid doesn’t deserve a second chance, but I think most schools would’ve said we’ll find you another school. I know Bielema would’ve done that.

Auburn, Florida State, Louisville and Baylor are pretty safe bets, I suspect.

It is uncanny how the people that have complained to me about “Uncommon” are the same ones that want to cheat or recruit good players…not good citizens.

They are likely the same people who see no need for players to attend class and graduate.

Joe Mixon sure got a lot of TV time last night. He was shown on the sideline more than the head coach. That might not be true, but I bet it was close. Kind of sickening to me.

I was surprised and disappointed by Musburger’s comments about him.

For those that might have missed them: … gemneg2i3a

I was surprised as well. Musburger was obviously ripped on social media to force that second comment. But I thought that he deserved to be ripped.

Didn’t watch the game and feel better for it.

Two coaches and programs I detest.

If they went 0-60 over the next 5 years, that would be super.

Musburger just rattles on. I did pick up on one of his new favorite words. When he can’t recall the players name, he just calls him a “rascal.” He did that four or five times.

Glad somebody else was annoyed by “rascal”.

My uncle used to do something like that, calling his daughters “troops”. However, he wasn’t on TV.

At least he wasn’t drooling over that rascal Katherine Webb. :shock:

I think the issue with the uncommon thing is not with Bielema trying to recruit good citizens as well as good players. Or what he would do with a player like Mixon.

The problem is he’s not had much on field success to go along with the crowing he does with the uncommon deal.

He has to produce good football players as well as good citizens.

He simply has not recruited enough SEC quality players to be successful on the field to fulfill his stated goal when he was hired.

And just so you know there are probably several coaches across the country that try to recruit the same type citizen, with more on field success than Bielema has had. And without making such a big deal about it.

Washington, Clemson, Miami, ND head coaches are four I can think of without going to Wikipedia. Former Nebraska coaches Osborne and Solich and Michigan coach Lloyd Carr would also fit here.

So, if he can just recruit enough players to meet his stated goal of winning a championship I don’t think you will hear anyone even mention the uncommon thing.

The uncommon thing in my eyes has always been an excuse to cover up for he can’t bring elite talent in. Which no one has been able to, he just didn’t want to get bashed. I like the basis of it, bring quality guys you don’t have to worry about into the program. The problem is it just doesn’t work, and I don’t buy into all of the recruits are ‘uncommon’ it’s just guys he’s been able to get to come.

He needs to put some more focus on his next staff members coming in and make sure they are ace recruiters. We have a serious problem on the defensive side. The offenseive side has quality SEC talent, I think with another off season the O line will prove it does as well. But the defense? Agim, Pulley, Capps… those are the only guys I would say look like they do. We haven’t had an SEC safety in years, currently we don’t even have a GAC safety. (D2 conference)

Linebackers supposedly have some young talent and I hope, Dre greenlaw is a heck of an athlete, but even he is not big enough at LBer we saw that against VT. Let’s hope they do something to turn that side of the ball around ASAP, but drop the uncommon tag and just go recruit SEC caliber.

I’ve made a point of staying away from this board since the Belk Bowl. I just didn’t want to read what I knew would be here. I’m glad this was the first thread I opened because I agree 100% with the OP. The older I get the more character and doing things “the right way” matter to me. I want to win as much as anyone, but one area where I see definite improvement in our program is in the reduction of arrests & other misconduct. Anyone who is a parent knows it’s impossible to completely control or determine someone else’s behavior. Still, he’s been remarkably successful in avoiding bad characters. I won’t put either of our players into that category despite what they did last week. CBB did what he should have & their transgressions, although serious, are the types of thing that good people have done.

I don’t buy the claim by some in this thread that his “uncommon” theme is an “excuse” for failing to recruit SEC caliber talent. Right now, it’s easy to sit back and shoot at him. I don’t like losing any more than anyone else and I agree there must be some problems he must address in light of the last two ball games. But even then, I’m not sure how much is a coaching (or recruiting) issue & how much it’s just a matter of players failing to make plays they otherwise should make. Regardless, I like CBB’s method & still support him 100%. The time might come when I change my mind, but right now I still think he’s our best bet for raising the program up.

Coach B discipline and honest caring for his players as well as attention to their preparation for life after football extremely important to me.His recruits will be better men and citizens for having been in his program. I respect that big time!!

Rain is also wet.

My point is that it’s dumb for people to complain about the Uncommon thing. It’s mostly a marketing tool. Now, the argument can be made that it’s only marginally effective.

But, I just think it’s immature for the same fans that always complain about recruiting to constantly complain about a slogan/ideal that is mostly just an attempt at improving recruiting.

See, just like all coaches use similar tactics, they also tout other aspects of their program. It’s a copycat industry.

And unless you are a blue blood or a “name” program you have to try everything you can to get over the hump.

The Uncommon thing is just one way they try to do that. And, that’s why the constant complaining about it by ppl who expect top-of-the league recruiting when we don’t currently have top-of-the league players, recent results, program histodyu, etc. is dumb.

You all should be applauding any and all efforts to carve out a niche and improve recruiting and gameday results until those improved results make the task at hand more manageable.