People calm down

Does anyone realize Eddie came from Creighton and nolan came from Tulsa and they worked out fine?

If that were today you guys would not want them to even interview

Hmmm where did Pel come from?

I hope Yuracheck can PICK out good coaches just like Frank did when he did hire Eddie and Nolan. He he can do that we will be ok. I think whats making a lot of us nervous is we don’t know if he can make good hires or not

Agree PJ, I assume we will just have to be patient. Plenty of time to go loco after the hire has been announced if necessary!


Hmmm where did Pel come from?

Former assistant to Eddie Sutton, one of the coaching greats. Former assistant to Billy Donovan, another one of the coaching greats. Played 1 year with Eddie Sutton and then 3 years with Rick Pitino at Kentucky.

Coaching searches. They’re a crapshoot.

You hire a coach and hope for the best.

Worked out great with Nolan and Eddie. Not so great with Pelphrey and Heath.

South Alabama

And before anyone asks, Stan came here from Kent State.

I’m wondering how fans that wanted MA fired could ever be satisfied. The coach at Arkansas does not have the talent pool some other guys have. Our coach will not have a flock of one and dones.

So, Yurachek is pursuing coaches who succeeded without one-and-dones. He and we assume if you can do it at Texas Tech, Nevada, etc. you can do it at Arkansas. That is what is being expected.

Stan was at Kent St only 1 year and took them to the elite eight. We seem to always lump Stan’s and Pelphrey’s tenures here together. Here are a couple of reasons, I don’t think we should:

  1. Stan was a terrific recruiter and recruited nationally. Without 2 unlucky recruiting breaks, he may have had a very good tenure here. He had a commitment from Al Jefferson (5* recruit), before Al decided late that he was going to jump to the NBA out of High School. Olu Famutimi was as high as the #5 recruit in the country before his season ending injury in his Senior year, and never fully recovered. Here’s a list of some of his nationally ranked recruits:

Al Jefferson - 5* Top 10 (included because with today’s rules he would have been a one and done)
Olu - 5* - #13
Sonny Weems - Top 5 JUCO
Ronnie Brewer - #39
Steven Hill - #44
Charles Thomas - #59
Darian Townes - #74
Patrick Beverly - #76

That’s a very nice list of top 100 recruits and only 1 was from Arkansas.

  1. As our coach, he improved each of his first 4 seasons and fell off only slightly his 5th year and went to the NCAA Tourney in both his 4th and 5th years. Even Pel, in his first year, went to the NCAA tourney with the team Stan left him. From then on Pelphrey did nothing notable and had 2 losing seasons. I’m not saying we should have kept Stan. In fact his coaching stops after leaving here indicate he may have peaked in his last 2 years here. Unfortunately, his coaching acumen didn’t compare favorably with his recruiting. He also didn’t do a good job policing off court and academic problems. He did, however, leave the program better than he found it.

In my opinion, Stan and Pelphrey had very different levels of success and should not be lumped together as if both were disasters. Pel’s tenure was a monumental disaster.

Not really lumping them together, just pointing out that they both came from mid major programs.

I hated that we went after Gillispie.

Oh man, I didn’t mean to single your post out as you doing that. About all of us, including me, tend to call the those 9 years a disaster by lumping Stan and Pelphrey together. I just felt a need to point out that there was a very different level of poor coaching and recruiting between Stan and Pelphrey.

On Gillispie, KY probably helped us prevent another type of disaster, but with a few more wins than Pelphrey gave us.

Pelphrey had proven his mediocrity at Samford, which is quite a step down from Creighton and Tulsa. Never should have been a possibility.

No, man. We’re alright. lol

It was only a matter of time before Billy G would’ve turned into the basketball version of the Petrino saga. Too many drunken co-eds hanging out on Dickson Street for someone like that. He just had that look about him.