People are arguing over "THE Problem"

with our team/CSU game.

“I think the problem is our QB”

“No, you idiot, the problem is our conditioning”

“No, you idiot, the problem is that this website’s articles didn’t predict the future accurately”

“no, you idiot, the problem is our play calling”

“No, you idiot, the problem is John Chavis”…“we have no players”…“special teams”…“the team’s weak psyche”…

Well, good news, you are ALL correct.

It’s a team sport. All the issues discussed this weak are problems and they all add up. It’s hard to blow a lead like that (although, we make it look easy and common), without everyone contributing.

That 4th quarter had weak play calling, weak OL, weak pass rush, weak QB play and also several crucial penalties.

I think they had 3 first downs via penalty, and 2 on 3rd downs, in that collapse.

Anyway, let’s hope we do all the above a ittle better, and we win this game by double digits, then get ready to get crushed by our conference.

We’ve GOT to keep this recruiting class together.


To me, what is wrong is the same thing that was wrong last year. We lost.

We have seen this movie before. We are still in the process of bottoming out IMO. This train wreck started in full force at Missouri when we had a 24 point lead. It showed up again in the Belk bowl against Va Tech and it continued through last season and is continuing into this season as the bottoming out process continued last week.

UNT is another opportunity to get things fixed. Morris is getting things fixed, but needs some time. We have to stop beating up on our team and Coaches. They are not the enemy. They need time and Morris is the right man to get this fixed imo. Support the team and cheer them on. They are not perfect and in hindsight all Coaches make some boneheaded calls from time to time. Have not seen a coach yet that is perfect. You usually remember the questionable coaching calls in losses, but hardly never in wins.

I think this team has what it takes to go on a roll in the last half of the season and get that 6th win and bowl game. Starting Oct 13 with Ole Miss at home they have 5 games where they should be in every one of them if they solve the QB situation.

Hope they prove me right…


I don’t argue with anyone who starts a sentence by saying “you idiot.” I quickly find someone else to hang out with. Just saying, they aren’t going to get a chance to discuss anything with me. When someone calls someone else an idiot, you just quickly move on.

We need more of this kind of thinking!!!