Penny was cheating before he got the job

Not a bad idea.

Will it make a difference in the end that a Penny did this to recruit Wiseman to high school and not while recruiting him to Memphis?

No. Penny made a $1 million dollar contribution to UM before all this started. That makes him a booster for life. After that you can’t pay 15,000 to help a kid move to your backyard to play. This is a clear violation and even the Memphis media knows it.

So, does that mean Penny cannot recruit any kid that he helped in any way before he was hired by Memphis? Not even buy a lunch or anything? That seems harsh.

Yep. That donation makes Penny a representative of Tiger High’s athletic interests, which is NCAAese for a booster. Just as Dudley’s previous employment by UA makes him one. In this case it doesn’t matter that Penny is now on the UM payroll.

So, Wiseman signing with Memphis would have been a problem even if Penny was not the head coach at Arkansas?

Yep. He’s a Tiger High booster, coach or not.

I better watch what I do in helping kids. You never know Arkansas may recruit them.

I still think this is too harsh of a rule. No wonder the judge put a restraining order on NCAA. I don’t think NCAA will win this in the court of law if Wiseman wants to challenge this further,

If you don’t have a prior relationship with these kids before they’re recruitable (I think 8th grade is the cutoff), darn right you’d better be careful. With good reason. We remember Cam Newton, Reggie Perry and a few others (and basically Adidas has been deemed as a Jayhawk booster in the KU basketball case).

Yeah, I thought you have to actually help recruit the kid to UA before you have a violation.

Penny knew very well what he could and could not do.

It just didn’t think he would get caught.

I bet he didn’t care if he got caught.