Penny was cheating before he got the job

Number one recruit is ineligible…everyone knows he is cheating.

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Great thread title!

If I was Memphis I would check all the other signees. He signed a very good recruiting class. I wonder why?

Cheating in basketball is a long running Tiger High tradition. Remember Dana Kirk? Didn’t they get in some trouble for stuff done under Calamari’s watch?

No surprise. Hardaway runs deep in AAU ball and the transfer of cash is quite normal. It’s business as usual for him.

I hope Chris Moore is aware of all this! I know he is.

The kid is going to play tonight. They got a restraining order. Amazing

Shows you how money talks. Hanover can’t get his waiver but Penny pays $11,500 to a recruits family and a judge issues a stay so Wiseman can play! Memphis is a real cesspool. No wonder Mike avoided recruiting there.

We should find our own judge and play Vanover.

He’s playing, judge granted eligible for now.

Wonder how much money the judge made today.

He may be in on it to.

Judge may have issued a stay, but the NCAA says he is ineligible. I think that means that the NCAA can force Memphis to forfeit those games or issue other sanctions for them making the decision to play him. Certainly adds a bit of drama.

The NCAA kind of hinted that during the game last night. Something to the affect of, Memphis has been warned, the judge’s decision didn’t make him eligible, they are screwing up (not in those exact words, they said it more “professional”). I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see forfeits and maybe some sanctions handed down.

I loved Hardaway as an NBA player but he deserves sanctions.

Memphis State has always been an outlaw school. They have cheated for decades. It is just who they are. It takes some nerve to defy the NCAA after being caught cheating and playing the guy anyway. Auburn got away with it with Cam Newton, but most schools would just turn tail and run. Not Auburn or Memphis.

If the NCAA doesn’t crack down on Memphis(no pun intended), then we know cheating is okay. We kind of know that anyway…given LSU getting caught red-handed and just defying the NCAA to do something. If Memphis is not punished, then what is to keep any school from just ignoring the rules?

Let’s see if the NCAA runs and hides in the corner… wouldn’t surprise me. Now they can make them “vacate” the wins but what does that really do anyway?

I watched some of that game last night. Wiseman is an absolute beast, a WOW player. Put him on our team this year and I’d guarantee the NCAA tournament. Probably get a top 4 seed also. Memphis knows they only have him for one year and are going to do every thing possible to play him.

They may take a page from Miami football on how to beat the NCAA. Just keep them in court. Miami got a hand slap when they deserved the death penalty. Good attorneys and a willing judge and you can find problems with the NCAA investigators gathering of evidence.

Even if Memphis loses on appeals, they will have played Wiseman all year and maybe have made the final four. They could care less about later vacated wins.

I hate Memphis because they are, and have always been, cheaters. I’ll bet this is what they have on their minds.

It appears to me that the NCAA has thrown down the gauntlet at Penny and Tiger High. They’ve now played a player known to be ineligible for two games. Forfeits are pretty much certain.

And the thing that ticks off the NCAA more than anything is when a school thumbs its nose at them. SMU didn’t get the death penalty for buying players, they got it for continuing to buy players after they got caught. Tiger High is now thumbing its nose at the NCAA. They can claim the judge issued the injunction, yadda yadda, but they could still bench him in spite of the injunction.

As a guy who grew up a Memphis State fan - mostly because I lived far closer to Memphis than Arkansas and their games were on TV while Arkansas’ were not - the stepping over the line has gone on forever.

Surprised the NCAA grew a pair and acted, but applaud it.

Buit Memphis has nothing to lose. Forfeit games? Big freaking deal. They are going to rack in the $$$ sending him out there until he can’t no more.

It happens all over the place. Some are just better than others at it.

I never played for Arkansas, but I am subject to the same rules he is. He knows that he was, but he just doesn’t care. I am sure he thought that would never actually act on it.