Penny says he wants to play Hogs home and home

Told the Commercial Appeal that Memphis wants to get a series going, but that discussions with UA are not very far along.

A long way from the days when the Squid wanted nothing to do with us.


I know we’ve pulled some good recruits from Memphis in the past but I would tell Penny to pound sand.

Josh Pastner wouldn’t play Arkansas either. I sort of wonder why Penny does. Maybe he doesn’t perceive Arkansas as a recruiting threat in the Memphis area. Arkansas doesn’t seem to particularly recruit the Memphis area much anymore. Historically, it is difficult to get players out of Memphis due to $$.

Penny will say anything to get a lifeboat, the sharks are circling closer…

I have a hard time feeling sorry for Penny.

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Poor move by Penny…just another game where he will be out coached for all to see. Muss doesn’t need this series to pull talent but I’m betting he knows whats up with Memphis recruits and doesn’t play their games. Just a hunch. I’d rather schedule Gonzaga or UCLA to get better exposure on the west coast for recruiting.

I think it comes down to this: Penny is competitive, he knows the game will create a lot of excitement and he has a favorable personal history with the rivalry.

I like this type of thinking, especially if we schedule these home-and-home! :grin:

The Zags might not want that home and home loss…

As a former Memphis coach with no respect for the Hogs stated. We are not looking to play a series with a regional opponent, we are only going to play national opponents.

Seems like that would be an appropriate response to Penny’s request.


Good one!

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Says the team that is scheduling UCA and UALR.


Problem is if we didn’t schedule those teams, some would howl about it.

The hogs need to only play One in state school per year in any sport. The hogs have nothing to gain by doing it. The baseball team sure got hurt playing all of those sorry games.

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I’m not sure we need to play any, Army.

It will be a nice series. Hope Muss works with Penny on this.

Penny was on Little Rock radio few days after he was hired and said he was going to approach Arkansas about an annual game. He has always wanted this.

We know Cal didn’t want to play us when he coached at Memphis. Hope we don’t let that get in the way of getting this series going.

Remember, Penny did play against Arkansas in college and rumor was he really close to being a Hog. After Todd Day got away, Memphis couldn’t afford to let Penny get away and did whatever it took to keep him.

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