Penny Hardaway

Do you think several of these kids saying they’re waiting until Spring is to see how Muss coaches in a game?

I expect them to sign early.

I can concur on what Richard is saying about Memphis. It has been brought up other coaches and people around them, ones who believe or believed the Tigers lead/led for him.

That being said, I DON’T think it is a factor in Chris’ recruiting.

I just can’t read the situation well enough right now to make a prediction.

I’ve made it clear that I think Jaylin Williams will end up being a Razorback. Nothing has changed my mind about that.

I think Moody will likely end up at Arkansas or Ohio State. Would have guessed the latter earlier, but - as Richard said - Arkansas seems to have gained a lot of momentum.

Davis - I would take Arkansas right now.

KK Robinson - If forced to pick a team right now, I would say Arkansas, but would not bet the house on it.

McBride - No clue. Good kid, doesn’t talk much about his business.

Th fact that all the kids are looking more at Arkansas is a factor in the whole group, not just individually.

What about the non AR kids? Any feelings on them?


Obviously Ambrose-Hylton is on his official this weekend so I would say the shot is decent with him, but he has at least two other visits after that, I don’t think it is for certain.

As far as the others, until out-of-staters set up official visits, I tend to think they are headed elsewhere.

I think Thompson is probably headed to OU.

Like I said somewhere else, will do some digging on Keon.

The other two don’t have offers just yet.

The only crime rate that matters in Memphis is how much the bag man is carrying…