Penny Hardaway

The talking heads are predicting national championship for the Memphis Tigers within the next three years. Hope Chris values PT more than championship rings and TV exposure, it is clear Penny really wants him.

Pj, you’re probably right. Those folks over there I’m told will do whatever it takes to get who they want. Memphis is a rough city. Violent crime is out of control but he still recruits to that cesspool! Makes no sense to me why a parent would want his child in that environment.

Sorry, Penny was there today. Misread a text.

He lives across the bridge, he knows where to go, and not to go in Memphis, I doubt that is a huge concern to him, or his parents.

I am fully aware of where he lives. I’d rather him to go Arkansas! I’m confused as to why you felt the need to respond to my post.

Not saying it won’t, but never underestimate a safe environment. Too many parents will tell me my kid will never go to such and such place because of the crime rate. Especially moms.

Because it made no sense for someone from WM.

I doubt Moore’s parents have told you that, which is my point. I hope he chooses the Hogs, but Memphis’ crime rate won’t enter the discussion on where he plays.

I am inclined to agree with you that the crime rate will not be an issue for Chris Moore. They live too close to Memphis. It is kind of like saying a North Little Rock kid would choose Arkansas State over UALR because the crime rate in Little Rock is much higher than Jonesboro.

I think it is more about high profile program, PT and who he has better relationship with, Muss or Penny.

I believe that’s gonna keep him out of Memphis

Baked, has Moore’s parents told you that? You better check with Ricepig. He monitors sensible posts and seems to know everything!

I promise you it’s been pointed out to them.

So, the Arkansas coaches are telling prospects about the crime rate in Memphis? I’d think they would be talking about their program, instead of running down another. It’s been my experience that people who live in places others don’t see as worthy, don’t like the put downs.

Maybe Muss and crew focused on the low crime rate in Fayettville. I’m convinced he knows how to talk to parents.

Where did I say Arkansas coaches? I didn’t. I know it’s been pointed out by others close to the situation.

RD, do you or Dudley have a feeling on all the 2020 prospects and which way you think they’re leaning:

I.e. (example only) - Moses - AR lean

Well, I just don’t see it as factoring much, if any, into any decision. As a parent with one living in Chicago, one in Dallas, and one soon in NYC, and all under 27, that doesn’t enter into their career decisions. The wrong parts of Jonesboro and Fayetteville can be a problem if you aren’t smart.

I’m not saying it’s going to be a huge factor but it’s something to think about.

I think Arkansas is in good shape with Moses. If you asked me a couple months ago, I would’ve said he was most likely going elsewhere. Now, I think they have a good shot.

Always thought J. Williams would be a Hog.

D. Davis- Arkansas

Chris Moore will be Arkansas or Memphis. Liking Arkansas’ chances more now.

KK Robinson- I think Arkansas is good here too but not a for sure thing.