Penny Hardaway is at

West Memphis to see Chris Moore.

What type function RD?

I predict that’s where Chris will land.

I think that’s where he was going before Mike got fired. Penny has been on him and out recruiting Mike unfortunately. I said before Mike or one of his assistants better get off their tails or it was going to be too late.

I would say from talking to his brother - Memphis, Arkansas or Ole Miss.

I can’t stomach Memphis and hate to lose Moore to them. Penny is a relentless recruiter I’m told and we need to make a good hire to get him.

Pile on. That’s fine/typical. It’s also factually inaccurate.

MA and company were on Moore hard. They put in a lot of time on him. The insinuation they were lazy in their recruitment of him is typical BS.

That said, I didn’t think Arkansas was going to get him, mainly because Memphis is in his backyard and the recruiting landscape is littered with coaches who failed to get Memphis kids out of of Memphis when Memphis is relevant and really wants the kid.

And don’t tell me NR/Huery/Day. This isn’t 1987.

Nolan got very lucky that he showed up at UA when UMemphis was very much down and Memphis schools produced a lot of talent (maybe they always do, but we got a lot of it for a few years). Tiger High does not typically let people like Huery and Day get away, but Larry Finch was not up to the job and NR took advantage. Finch righted the ship later, landing Penny etc., and somehow managed to keep the job for 10 years.

Save your piling on deal for someone who doesn’t like Mike! Pig, I would have liked for Mike to have gotten another year. In my opinion two of the assistants let him down.

Then be accurate. Arkansas was at every one of Moore’s games this summer.

I’m not here to relitigate MA. It’s done. I just can’t stand it when people just make stuff up. The staff worked very hard to try and land Moore. They were a constant presence.

Pig, I know you’re an attorney. Save your legal jargon for someone else. The folks I know in West Memphis say we were getting out worked. I’m bitter because I can’t stomach Memphis and their recruiting tactics.

I have seen Moore play one time. Someone tell me why he is such a must get. I didnt see whatever some are seeing in that one game. I saw a 6-4 post. Does anyone have him as a top 100 prospect in his class? I figured in the long run our coaches would quietly let him go elsewhere. Im open for a change of opinion.

Hahah. Relitigate is legal jargon? Right.

Ok, then, I’m not here to reargue MA. He’s gone. Just don’t make stuff up.

That’s it.

If you want to argue that Memphis is working hard, and maybe even “harder” since they’re right there, whatever. That’s fine. It’s an opinion and I’m sure there is some support for it.

But, to suggest MA and company needed to get off their “fannies” is just made up.

They’ve been involved with Moore a ton. I’m not into “source-measuring” contests but I guarantee you that I and people I know have a very good feel for how much time Arkansas has put in on Moore.

To say they’ve been lazy in recruiting him is 100% false.

Penny thus far has not set the world on fire. Just because you played in the NBA doesn’t mean you know how to coach. I think the jury is still out on him.

Also Moore attended many Arkansas games. Hogs were in it with a solid chance. I felt Arkansas was going to get him.

There is a reason Mike could not land elite talent at Arkansas. Maybe kids felt they couldn’t develop in his system. Regardless of how hard he recruited and how much you defend him there is 1 guy in the NBA from his 8 years, possibly 2 with Gafford. That’s what kids want, not how many times you watch them play.

I thought this stuff would stop since we got rid of him.

Again, for those who can’t read or choose not to— I’m not arguing that MA recruited well enough. I’m not disputing that he didn’t put enough kids in the NBA. I’ve been saying since the 6-game losing streak that there was an argument for firing him and I wouldn’t gripe if they did it.

I’ve held to that. My only point—that I continue to make—and was my only reason for chiming in this thread—is that the poster called them lazy in his efforts to land Moore.

I’m not defending against anything about MA in this thread other than the BS assertion that he was lazy in the recruitment of Moore.

So, yes, in that respect, how many times they went to see him does matter, because I’m simply saying the statement that they were lazy in recruiting Moore is false. That’s it.

That’s it. Just saying they weren’t lazy in recruiting him.

Dammit, I didn’t call them lazy Adam and you know it. You’re words not mine! I said they were getting out worked, not the same!

Our new basketball coach will get credit for all wins in 2019/20 and Mike will be responsible for all losses. Remember, Morris was responsible for the 2 wins, while Beliema was responsible for the 10 losses. Works the same way in basketball. For the games or for recruiting too.