Penn State's perfect

record against us, going to stay that way for sure?

Sounds like it’s a 60% chance to stay that way.

Question; would a team with injuries, opt outs, replacements “not very good” actually back out just to save face? I guess a lot of behind the scenes and wheeling and dealing going on at this time. A&M started this mess and now it’s spreading like Omicron.

Question #2 Who gets to make the decision about playing a scheduled FB game? A Bowl game no less. This is a big decision because so many people are affected. A bet a few people going are from Arkansas or even a grad but have Penn State ties. Or just want to watch the first game ever between the two.The coach? The AD? The board or who all would be on this decision making?

What do you think? Or thoughts anyone?

Ur saying a perfect record as in 0-0 right? Since we’ve never played them.

339….dunno about your post….we have no control over the selection of our opponent or whether they play or not. Since we are going to the bowl, I just hope we get to play.

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I’ve been googling every combo of COVID along with PSU, Penn State, Outback Bowl, etc and can find no mentions or rumors of Penn State possibly opting out due to COVID. Nothing on Penn State websites, other sports sites, twitter, etc. The only place I’ve seen it is on this board, someone said a source told them there are “rumblings” of that happening. So I’m hoping the aTm opt out has spooked some folks here and it’s just the rumor mill cranking up.

It’s been a couple of days since that was first mentioned, so if true I would think somebody somewhere on the whole world wide web would have picked up on it by now.

So not going to worry about anything until it’s a thing. Penn State folks love their football, I don’t think the school would back out of a NYD bowl against a ranked team on a whim, it would have to be a pretty serious situation. And if there is a serious situation developing up there, I don’t see how word wouldn’t have leaked out by now.

Maybe I’m wrong and will end up disappointed, but each hour that passes with nothing credible coming out, I’m treating this as much ado about nothing.

I saw a headline from a few days ago that said “Penn State LB opts out of Outback bowl”. Maybe someone skipped over “LB” and got this started.

Yep, got several stories on different players opting out, mostly on the two LBs. Not one mention of COVID issues.

That’s right. Maybe not called anything since we have not played them.

Calm down people. I’m not trying to blow this thing up. Just playing the what if thing because of A&M.

SORRY if this message got anyone upset.

People were playing the same game about our coach. Sam not coaching the what if game…

A paid employee of a site that competes with this one reported last night that there were “rumblings” from the Penn State side that the game might not happen. This person wanted to make it clear that if the game fell through, it would not be because of Arkansas.

No further information was given.

We all know that Penn State has had at least two opt outs. There have been rumors there could end up being one or two more. Several Nittany Lion players have apparently not been at practice, whether because of injuries or covid, who knows?

We’ll see what happens. I will personally be very disappointed if Penn State pulls out. I’ve always wanted to play them.

Just like I’ve wanted to play Michigan and Notre Dame (and those recent games also fell apart, for different reasons).

And, yes, we’ve played Michigan once. I was there in Orlando to see Tom Brady orchestrate the comeback they had.

Both their starting linebackers and a wide receiver have opted out…

And we’re missing a star WR and DE plus a safety who’s been gone since early in the year. RD mentioned a day or two ago there could be more opt outs coming from PSU. Whether from players going pro, the portal, or Covid, he didn’t say. It was in response to my wondering how soon it would be before the opt outs affected the odds.

What did I say?

SURE hope this game is played!!

We are playing w/o our star safety, WR, and top DE. Their defense has taken a gut punch for sure and their star WR
that opted out is a huge loss. I hope this game is played.
They are a storied program and a legitimate power program and I imagine they have a lot of highly recruited players to fill in for those that aren’t playing, BUT the losses were starters and high-end contributors. To me Penn State is a high profile school in world of college football and I look forward to playing them. I also look forward to playing Notre Dame and Iowa. Teams that are in the conversation. We are adding two of the biggest names in college football to the SEC and they will not roll over and play dead. I don’t think Coach James Franklin will avoid this game if it is up to him, he doesn’t seem the type. What he did at Vandy was mind-boggling.

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