Penn State receiver opts out

Penn State top receiver opts out of Outback Bowl. Jahan Dotson opts out. Both teams now down their best receiver.

Yeah I’m surprised they’re just now announcing this I don’t think he’s practiced in two weeks. But he is a great player and he will definitely be missed

I see their DE, all-American has opted out today

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Their defense has been gutted. Four best players gone.

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And a O line guy was on crutches to due to a injury at practice I believe.

The kid caught 91 passes, I don’t blame him for going to the NFL…

Just like Burks. I don’t blame either one of them. They need to move on with their careers. The bowl game does nothing for them. If they got injured, it would cost them a lot of money. It gives other players more experience for next year.

I think the vivid reminder to the NFL bound players was the injury to Alabama’s leading WR, Metchie. There is a whole lot of money riding on staying healthy for the NFL tryouts.

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