Penn basketball trivia

The Quakers have a very rich basketball history for any school, much less an Ivy. So two trivia questions:

What Hall of Fame coach (success in college, NBA and international) was the Quakers’ HC for six years?

What is Penn’s best finish in the NCAA tournament and when was it?

I don’t know the coach, but they made the final 4 in…I want to say 77 or 78 maybe?

I had forgotten about their Final Four. I think it was 1980.

Pretty sure Penn was in the Magic & Bird final four. Just don’t remember the year.

I’m certain the coach he is thinking about is Chuck Daly who went on to coach the Detroit Thugs…uh Pistons.

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Penn was in the 1979 Final Four as a 9 seed (out of 10; 40-team field). Beat North Carolina, Syracuse and St. John’s to get there, so it wasn’t a complete fluke. Then Magic and Sparty absolutely eviscerated them in the semis. They only lost the third place game by 3, though. I think that was the last third-place game.

And yes, Chuck Daly coached the Quakers, but the FF run was two years after he left. Won five Ivy titles, though.

Cumon yes you remember the year! That was the heck yes US Reed was tripped no call in the round of 8 against Bird Ind State!!

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