Penalty on Catalon

Understand the new rule about prohibiting blocking below the waist outside the box. Question I have, was The flag on Catalon legit? I thought he blocked at the waist and not the knees and it was a bad call. What do y’all think?
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Terrible call. He hit him in the belly (a big belly). Even the (ahem) announcers mentioned it was questionable then saying they had to make the call. Total crap.


The official blew the call bigtime. Catalon hit the guy in his midsection, not in his legs. Totally incorrect call!


Terrible call.

I watched it twice. He was clearly trying to hit him above the waist. I thought the Cincy bench called that one.

Faking an injury didn’t hurt the cause either!

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Missed the call, yes. Faked an injury, NO. Catalon popped the big boy right in the gut.

Very bad call. At the waist, not a knee!

Is Cincy a tough team? yes Is Fickell a good coach? umm I prefer the term diligent rather than good.
Do the bearcats play sneaky-dirty football? If you don’t know the correct answer to that ? you possibly
need to change your “sports-watching” to badminton.
p.s. I remember a day when I used to think you had to have somewhat impressive credentials to be an sec referee.

Those weren’t SEC Refs.

Thanks southpaw. Although that doesn’t validate me changing my original statement.

I think Fickell is a very good college coach. I believe that he will validate that in the new Big 12 when Ciincy moves there next season (I believe I read where that will happen in 2023). What he’s done with the Cincy program is pretty eye-opening. I’ll be surprised if Cincy doesn’t compete for titles with Baylor and OK St (and maybe Houston) after OK and TX leave for the SEC. That’s IF a top Power 5 team doesn’t hire Fickell in the next couple years.


Yes, it was an SEC crew led by Jason Autrey. We had him at the Auburn game two years ago and Georgia last year.

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Yeah that was not a good call at all but I guess we have to remember this is the first game for the officials too.

Wow, surprised Cincinnati would go along with that.

It was in the contract along with $1.5 million and no return game.

The way we fans seem to feel about SEC refs wanting to always favor our (SEC) opponents, we probably should view that SEC crew as a negative for this game.

I did not think the refs did a poor job.

All the refs and all the announcers hate Arkansas, always have.

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