I know Stan Heath was hired by John White. Who was ultimately responsible for the Altman/Pelphry hire?

I thought we had a selection committee for Heath? And white again on pelphrey. But there was a search firm involved.

Selection committed headed up by White

White for Altman and then Pelphrey


In my opinion, Broyles selected A.tman. However, White hated the idea that Broyles made the selection, so he sabotaged the selection during his talk with Altman.

Coach Broyles came from Augusta to introduce Coach Altman and then went back to Augusta.

White - and he’ll be glad to tell you - made the decision to hire him and to hire Coach Pelphrey.

Altman left of his own accord - 26 hours after the announcement - when he saw the drug culture, how many guys were in danger of being ineligible and the limited scope of resources he had to change things.

Pelphrey was the worst coach of a major men’s sport since Otis Douglas. Worse than Crowe - there are high school coaches all over the state that could and would have done a better job.

This matches my recollection. Just as White screwed the program with the “selection committee” that allowed Quinn Grovey to ultimately decide that HDN would be our FB coach, White injected his same idiotic selection committee approach into hiring Nolan’s replacement which produced… Ta-Da!!! Stan Heath over Bill Self.

When Stan didn’t work out Frank was able to snag Altman but then scooted back out to Augusta (a little too quickly) and John “the snake” White, cluelessly not liking the fact that that the same AD who hired Eddie and Nolan once again got his man, slithered in and sabotaged the hire and ran Altman off. John the genius managed to completely snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when he brought in a “search firm” to substitute for a “search committee” which gave us… Ta-Da!!! John Pelphrey.

Just as an aside, it’s interesting to follow the tree of destruction of UA athletics. John White gave us HDN, Heath, Pelphrey, Gardner (essentially firing Gary Blair) AND Jeff Long. HDN, Gardner, Heath and Pelphrey have obviously since proven to sub-par coaches. Long has produced Beliema, Dykes, and Anderson while attempting to hire Jim Grobe and Tommy Bowden (and managed to fire the most successful coach we’ve had since joining the SEC). Thank god Long hasn’t turned his attention to the baseball team yet.

I believe you have explained the problems as a result of that #$@&%*! very accurately.