Peavey gone?

Any confirmation he quit over the weekend?

From someone close to him, he is still on the team.

Ok, rumors you know, haha. We need the season to start.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Peavey. I’m told he loves being at Arkansas. But he obviously came to play football and that clock is ticking away. Based on the personnel on campus now, I’m not sure he’ll ever be in legitimate contention to be a starter.

What is more important to him: playing or loving the college he attends? If playing is the answer, I would not be surprised to see him wind up at an FCS school somewhere before his eligibility is over.

I like RP. I couldn’t blame him for leaving though. I’m sure it was hard on him to be coming out of spring as #2, have an injury requiring minor surgery, and losing ground. I hope things work out for him either way!

Barring injury it’s tuf to see playing time for him in this pro offense with AA, Cole & Hyatt on the depth chart. Wish the best for him as he was always “Whole Hog”

I love Peavey and hope he can get playing time, but unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be happening here. Our talent at QB has upgraded in a dramatic fashion.

… if the Hogs need Peavey to win a game at some point this year.


By winning a game, are you suggesting that he’s the man to finish a game that is won, or take control of a game slipping away and win it? Those are two different things. Not sure which one you mean.

There is undoubtedly a set formula by which Bielema and Enos evaluate and differentiate the pecking order for the QBs. I don’t pretend to be privy to the assessment process and the subsequent proficiency determination of their ongoing evaluations. If one QB has the arm strength to fling the ball fifteen yards farther than his competitors, - - but compiles a fifteen per cent less completion ratio - - who is considered to have the direct comparison edge? If one QB has the lowest number of interceptions - but also the highest number of sacks - how does that statistic affect the evaluation and overall ranking of the QB group? I certainly don’t know.

… the former, not the latter.


Not to belabor the issue, how much of a factor do “the intangibles” play in the conclusive determinations - “poise”, confidence", “leadership”, “panoramic field awareness”, “looking off defenders”, “intuitive movement within the pocket”, “fleetness of foot”, “improvisational aptitude and quickness”, “instantaneous reactionary adaptation to defensive alignment”, etc., etc., etc.?

Which of all these factors - and/or which in prioritized combination - comprise the coaches’ consensus measuring yardstick? I’m sure that I haven’t a clue.

I’m told that he is getting close to making a final decision, weighing a decision of what he has invested here vs. a fresh start somewhere else

Will likely sleep on it and make that decision known on Wednesday.

transferring to SMU