Pearl lands Philon

Well that was expected, that was where he was supposed to be leaning.

We have not had very good news today. And Auburn has to be on cloud 15

It amazes me that any parent would want their kid to play for Freeze or Pearl! I guess I’m just too old to understand this new generation.


Coaches been like that for years. Difference is all know it now.

Freeze has moral character issues. Pearl has recruiting violations issue. I don’t think parents are concerned about recruiting violations.

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There must be a lot of parents whom lack the salt of a man! Money! It sure isn’t how much the young folks can learn positive about life from those 2 scum bags!

Actually Freeze has both moral and recruiting issues. But you make a good point.

I saw one of those clickbait lists on Twitter of the most and least likeable coaches in college hoops. Pearl was listed as the most likeable. Calipari was the least likeable, with Muss not too far behind. I have no idea why someone would say Pearl is the most likeable, but perhaps recruits and their parents agree. And as for Muss, I can see why his sideline antics rub people the wrong way. Not that I care.

Did you see Pearl’s meltdown at the end of their game yesterday? That was awesome. Lowest scoring game by two ranked teams in the SEC ever - 49-46

I didn’t see it, but from what I heard happened at the end, he should have melted down.

I’m pretty sure he thought his player was fouled on the last gasp 3 pointer but he was not. It was a valid effort by the young man but was a good no call IMHO.

Pearl has a great, outgoing personality. That is why he is such a good recruiter. He is very likable…heck I like him. We should have hired him back when.

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I have no idea what a recruiting violation is anymore. Sounds like a relic from another era. Do they have recruiting violations in professional sports?

Yeah, good no call,

When Makhel went up to challenge that last three at the Coop yesterday, I cringed. Would have been all too easy for the ref to call a foul and give Gray three FTs. I don’t think he would have made all three, but it would have been white knuckle time. Fortunately no whistle.

I wonder if Barry Dunning’s lack of playing time hurt us with Philon?

I am not sure if Muss really targeted Philon.

Guy may not play any defense the only way I can figure but he can flat out shoot the basketball scores 38 points a game seems like somebody we can use

You know better than that, Billy. You don’t play D for Muss, you don’t play.

That’s what I was saying. I don’t know if we were recruiting him or not, the only reason I j figure for us not actively recruiting him was because he didn’t play defense. I know nothing about the kid other than he can score.