Peaking at the right time...

Peaking at the right to make a run ? Unfortunately didn’t see the game, saw the highlights and read several articles and recap of the game and they all say the same thing, that the Hogs dominated the game. This team seems to be peaking in play and in confidence and if they continue to play the way we are we can improve our seeding in the dance. Couldn’t be prouder of the team and coaches for persevering and continuing to grind it out and pick themselves up off the carpet after the Mizzo & Vandy losses. It’s very possible we haven’t seen the best this team can be,at this point no one is looking forward to playing the Hogs. WPS

It was a very encouraging week. The team finally is starting to look comfortable with each other, and the mix of zone and man seems to be meshing. We still are not a real good defensive team, but we are getting a bit better.

The big items this week were: 1) Thompson’s play-which in turn helps Moses, and; 2) Macon and Barford taking it to the hole more and making better passes. Since we don’t have a true PG on the team, the ability of those two guys to get past the perimeter defense and to distribute the ball a bit is really good for the offense.

Great week and they have finally started playing together as a team on defense and sharing the ball on offense! Trey on the floor with Mosses is a huge impact and helps Mosses be more aggressive on both ends we are a good team but borderline great with Mo and Trey on the floor!
All of the guards can knock down the 3 or go to the hole and anyone of them may lead the team in scoring.

You bet, we have multiple ways to score which we haven’t had in years, I really like the fact that we shoot the 3’s really well and that stretches the court. Which enables our guys to drive to the basket and score consistently and the by product of doing this is opponents getting in foul trouble and putting us on the line to shoot free throws. Our efficiency at the free throw line wins games, they have become a well rounded offense with several different players able to lead the scoring on a given night. Changing to the zone has allowed MK to once again to become the force we all thought he would be in the middle by blocking shots, rebounding and staying out of foul trouble. The contribution by Trey of late has just made us better and proven we can at times have him and MK on the court together. Trey’s vision on the court allows his passing abilities to become another asset he brings to the game. Staying focused will be the key issue down the stretch and will determine how far we will go! Good job to MA,staff and players for the confidence and desire this team has displayed of late ! WPS