PBev going to Memphis in a trade

Per ESPN ticker. Clippers getting Eric Bledsoe and sending out a couple of others. Including Rajon Rondo.

Prediction. The Clippers will never win an NBA championship, and that’s just fine by me. I think Bledsoe’s best days are behind him, but I love to see that the Clip front office is reliably inept. Even though I’m not gonna root for the Lakers until LeBron and Monk are gone, it’s nice to know that the Clippers will continue to be exactly who they have always been…irrelevant.

I am pleased Beverley is gone from Clippers. Now I can root for him. I never could root for Clippers, then being in the same town as Lakers.

I’m kinda thinking this was a salary cap move, coming right after they signed Kawhi to a max deal. Two highly paid vets, PBev and Rondo, out the door.

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