Payton Willis

Fayetteville, AR own Payton Willis has entered the transfer portal. Remember alot of Arkansas fans mad at Mike Anderson for not bringing him in.


Again? He’s certainly getting around.

Yep… 2 years at Vandy, 2 years at Minnesota (had to sit out his 1st year there). Now he’s a grad transfer.

If a kid shows up in the portal, they’re on it.

I am surprised they did not inquire about Jalen Harris. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


PJ, that’s funny right there!

Payton says he has heard from Arkansas, Auburn, Missouri from the SEC and other schools.

I figured he would. Heard that was happening.

Is he a point guard or more of a two?

Looking at his stats, neither.

He’s not good enough to play at Arkansas, and he never has been.

Respectfully disagree. I think he would be a very solid role player, Manny Watkins esque, got good size for a guard at 6’4 200. Not sure that’s what Muss is looking for though.

He put up very respectable numbers in the Big 10 last year, 9pts, 4reb, 2ast, shot 35% from distance, had a 3/1 ast/to ratio. But again, it seems Muss is looking for scoring although he wouldn’t have made contact if he wasn’t at least a bit interested in Payton.

How many times and how many kids has that been said about over the years? How many of those kids have come back and buried Arkansas over the years? Whether on the court or field?

I’ll have to respectively disagree with your opinion on Willis.

It’s one thing to be a super star, another to not be good enough to play.

There have been some teams lately where he would have been a starter.

It’s not like Arkansas has been a great program lately.

He might be as good as Manny was, but Manny wasn’t a scholarship player. Coach A wasn’t wrong not offering him a scholarship or taking him when he left Vandy. Not every player from Arkansas has to be a Razorback, nor should they. And no way would he have ever been a starter. We’ve had some really good guards during the same time Payton might have played for us. Who would he have started over? I sold Payton’s dad a car, and he was pissed Coach A didn’t offer Payton. He really badmouthed Coach A, which pissed me off. The whole thing made me re-watch Payton’s highlights. I’m sorry, but I stand by my original opinion. He might have been good enough to walk on, but that’s it.

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Willis would have been an upgrade over Harris. But with how we have upgraded and looking at our roster there just isn’t a spot available.

I’m not originally from Arkansas, but I’m a true Razorback fan, so let me compare some stats for all of you. Some say Willis isn’t a pt. guard and I would agree so let’s compare him to Desi (who a lot of people like). Sill’s scored more pts/game with 10.6 to Willis 8.9. They played almost the same amount of minutes with Sills at 31.2 and Willis at 30.4. Willis averaged 3.6 rebounds/g and Sills 3.0. Willis shot 35.6% from 3 and Sills 32.9. Willis shot 75% at the FT line and Sills 64.8. Willis assist to turnover margin was 3.33 and Sills .86. Willis averaged 1.6 fouls/g and Sills 3.0. Willis shot 38.2 overall FG% and Sills 42.5. So, there are pro’s and con’s for both as to who is better. We can’t say that Willis isn’t good enough to play for Arkansas if Sills can (and he has played a lot of minutes). I’m not in favor or against Musselman’s decision as to whether he recruits Willis or not (and that is clearly his and only his decision to make), but to say that he is not good enough might not be true.

I think the best way to frame the issue is this: We shouldn’t say that Willis isn’t good enough to play at Arkansas. I would say that we have had a lot of players of similar ability over the past couple of decades and we have seen what the results were. So what I would say is that if we want Arkansas to elevate to an elite level (and we can fill the roster with studs that can take us there) then in that case he is not good enough to play here.

I appreciate the stats, but Desi gives us intangibles that you can’t measure with numbers, and I wouldn’t trade Desi for 3 Paytons. That’s all I have to say about Payton Willis.

Nobody is saying that Payton is better! Nobody is saying that we should have recruited Payton ahead of Desi! What I am saying is that we shouldn’t just diss on another player because you don’t happen to like him. Kinkeshi stated it very well! Do we need more length to play the aggressive D that Musselman and most coaches like to play, Definitely! We got killed all year long on screen and rolls because we couldn’t stop their big men with our guards. And even if they didn’t score on the pass inside then they would score on the offensive glass. Muss knows that he will have to change from a total switch on screen and roll to some other variations as he can’t have Vanover covering a guard and our guards covering the big men. You’ll see different coverages in different situations next year and length will definitely help. Sorry if I offended anyone that likes Desi! It wasn’t meant to downgrade Desi only to make some true statistical comparisons. Desi has done a lot of good things for the Razorbacks and can ignite us with his hot hand at the 3.